New Roads and a Little Oxygen

Elections help the people to decide their Rulers who will do good for them. I know many of us realize this isnt practically the truth. Yet, Elections seem to do some good for the people. Ignore the money and “Free Dhoties and Sarees”. Ignore the Gold ear-rings embedded inside the Laddus given during Campaigns. Beyond all this, if there’s something good that election can do to us, it is Good Roads.

Ever Since the election dates were announced, Chennai roads got busy relaying. I used to feel like Stallone in Cliffhanger, when I ride my bike to office. It is a real pain when you come across a pit as large as the bike itself when you are whzzzing at 60 KMPH. They were uncared and unattended till now.. and the Magic word “Election” being out, all the pits, cliffs, high-peak points are levelled and the Black Tar hides the dirty past.

The bad point is the clean and neat Poonamalle High road is laid again. It was good as it was. Hmm.. I only remember the joke where One metro worker is digging the pedastrian and the other behind him was closing it. When asked, they said there was supposed to be one person in between seeding plants to be grown on the pedastrian. But becasue he is on leave, we cant stop doing our duty. Duh !!

Anyways, I have got a clean ride now from home to work. Thats a trouble free ride, as long as they dont build the sky-scrapers (aka) speed-brakers. Did you know that Neat roads can reduce Traffic Jam, to a great extent.

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