Student violence

Recently there was the issue of some deemed universities around Chennai, namely Satyabama University and SRM deemed University loosing their AICTE status and this resulting in a management vs students standoff. All the major political students union like SFI and ABVP have thrown their weight behind the students. These students have gone on a rampage, destroying college property.

This action by the students is utter nonsense, the management has been caught unaware by the AICTE, and the management is as interested in getting it AICTE status back as the students are. Only if the status is restored can management admit more students, otherwise they cannot admit students, and students need the status for their future.

In such a scenario its utter stupidity that the students and management are loggerheads, they should be ideally cooperating to regain their AICTE status. Management should also be forthcoming with information regarding the situation, when the management isn’t it creates a sense of fear amongst the students, which is why the students are rioting.

I think its high time students end the violence and work with the management, while the management should ideally be more transparent regarding the situation.

Dreamchaser has been following the situation here.

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  1. ramses (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 8:23 am

    yes read abt this.

    Well, ithu natural human tendency.

    some chose the loosu pasanga way to show tehir anger..

    peter’s like u oppose fightings.

    on a serious note,
    students turning violent is defly indicative of something wrong somewhere in their mental setup to face situations.we can only condemn their immaturity, and inability to take teh diplomatic route…sad that nothing much has been done to prevent it

  2. Vinodh (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 11:10 am

    Finally a volcano erupts,I have been tehre to Sathyabama and seent he way students r teated like Prisoners of wars.. A security guard is found once in 10 metres and if any boy or girl is found talking he pounces on them,even if they have come from other colleges to participate in tech meets…

    So guess the AICTE issue is not the only one for students violence,years of oppression and being treated lowly shud have caught this as an oppurtunity..and college property? they can easily build that back with HUGE amounts of donations they get.

    So coming to conclusion watching 8 o clock news bulletins without understanding the dynamics of the issue is not gonna help anyone.

  3. vatsan (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 11:24 am

    true, but now students should support their management, going on a rampage now isnt going to help,

    on the rules i agree, deal with that after AICTE issorted out, now isnt the time to go on a rampage

    as vinodh as said, rampage is just pent up anger, but students have lost the greater picture i feel

  4. prabukarthik (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 5:38 pm

    >>the management has been caught unaware by the AICTE

    bullshit. its not as if they did not know about ACITE guidelines, they very well knew.
    They thought they can flout it but can take shelter under UGC jurisdiction and AICTE jurisdiction and the inevitable .

    IMHO even VIT is a deemed university, how come there is no problem there?

    Hehe, u will admit students way beyond the norms prescribed by AICTE, then when u r questioned, u will not allow inspection, then when the students who pay u lakhs question u, u will not give proper answer, but inspite of all this, u have the gall to expect students’ cooperation….

    How appropriate!

  5. prabukarthik (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 5:46 pm

    People who r in sathyabama r in there not bcos of the bloody “discipline”, incidentally the most abused word in the education system in India.

    They r there for their bloody BE and B Tech degree. if someone says they might not get that, but only a BSc, its naivette to expect them to take it easy.

    And their animosity to the management is obvous and natural in their state of mind.

    After all they put up with all the torture just bcos of that B Tech and BE degree and the job prosects that come with it. adhuvum pochu na enna artham? that too after paying lakhs for the seat?

    What if u r told that the 3 yr course u did in Vivekananda is actually only a diploma? will u not feel cheated?

    Especially when the college management knew that such a possibility was there when they admitted u into the course?

  6. prabukarthik (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

    violence is not desirable. but i think its more of expression of frustration, add with the political backing, such acts by an aggrieved bunch of early 20 something students is to be expected.

  7. till @ berlin metblogs (unregistered) on March 30th, 2006 @ 11:23 pm

    Wow, this will be an interesting blog to read. ;-)

    Btw, hello from Berlin! And welcome to Metblogs!

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