Sunday Stroll at Tiruvanmiyur

Sunday evening, sun was about to set, I drove in my bike in ECR. what a traffic…
heres a guy on palio, blocking an auto and picking up a fight with auto-driver just before marundheeswar temple. Reason for fight……both those guys might be knowing. I had to wait till they finish up and the palio moving ahead.

I go down crossing temple, tasmac(crowded on sunday evening too) and get to the RTO signal. Thats a free left, but had to wait for 3 min until the signal cleared. I take a left, mmmhaaa…. you get a nice aroma of bajjis there.. crossing that i reach the tiruvanmiyur beach. parked my bike in the side lane and went to the beach. Good business happenning there with bajjis, peanuts and Ice-cream….

I come on to the road…mm what should i do now. I take a stroll on the road…looking at people sitting all along the parapet wall. The road is neat, many people walking some briskly, some chatting, some strolling like me. I take a look at the sea enjoying the wind blowing.I stand there watching the horizon. Moving ahead on the road, I reach the tall lamp post and the main road to the beach. There used to be a drinking water dispenser, today its missing… strolling ahead, I see a young plumpy girl and younger boy walking opposite me. both discussing something. May be she is on a weight reducing walk. the boy was lagging behind. An old couple walked past me calmly enjoying the breeze. A father and a girl, with water bottle, were walking past me. the girl was asking questions and the father trying to answer. I take a look in the west, sun setting down. The sight of white building and the nice golden yellow sunlight behind that made me feel happy. At times, you dont know why you are feeling happy.

I just walk ahead, there on the side resting bench, an old man resting. he holds two belts, the other ends are tied to two healthy golden retrievers. And this girl was sitting next to it and patting both the dogs and stroking them. The dog was really enjoying. I stopped my stroll to watch them. The father was now holding the water bottle. He was happy that his child was playing with the dogs. May be he also wanted to play. He was enquiring the name of the dog with the owner.”biju” came the reply. Neither asked for the other dogs name. Just wondering what could be the other dogs name.By then, he asked his kid to come back. she reluctantly left. The dogs laid down for rest in the beach sand. Now the plumpy girl and her brother crossed me on the other side. I thought I might be walking too slow.

I thought of returning back. but then, I walked in to the sand and reached the sea. its really interesting to see the waves washing the shore. That too the waves which comes with lot of foams and washing your feet. At places I could find sands of different colour and lot of plastic bags.

Lots of people enjoying their sunday in the beach. A family was playing in the water and getting wet. Walking in the sand gives much pleasure than walking in the road. I came across a cricket team.
There are five guys playing cricket with tennis ball. thats one side cricket. I stand there and watch the cricket for some time. One guy to bat, one guy to bowl, one as wicket keeper and the other two for fielding on the sea side. Sea and tide helps the fielding team. The batsman hits the ball far in to the sea. The fielder had to wait till the tide brings the ball to him. Till then batsman runs between the wicket. The game was on and it was fun watching them with their own rules and picking up small fights.

I moved ahead, now watching a foreigner opposite to me, walking with his dog. It should be some alsatian breed. Holding the belt on one end, he couldnt resist the pulling of his dog in the sand. they both crossed me and i moved further. At a distance, a country dog (or beach dog) was running very fast and passing by me. I just stopped and turned to look what for this dog is running. This guy ran and stood before the alsatian held by the foreigner. The foreigner trying to move ahead pulling his dog. But our BD was jumping and waging the tail before them, not giving the way. both dogs were playing. May be they knew each other and play regularly. The alsatian’s belt was released and both the dogs jumping & playing around and sometimes frightening the people near by.

I turned back and walked, watching a toddler kicking a soft ball towards me and looking at me if i could give it back to him. His face is where you could find the bliss. The excitement in which he runs towards the water and returning back was really entertaining.

Its getting dark now and faces of people are not that visible. I climbed up the frost heave and walked towards the lamp post. few guys and girls were sitting on the parapet wall . A balloon vendor with some 15 odd balloons left out is looking at potential customers.The road was blocked with barricade and policed. a young lad with white glove on his right hand was regulating the odd number of vehicle trying to gain entry in the beach road. May be he is a volunteer spending time and doing his part of social work.

I bought some peanuts and started walking on the road. There were some old faces and some new faces on the road walking. I walked slowly towards the end of the road to reach my bike.

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