Benjarong, Thai Restaurant, TTK Road

Benjarong is the leading Thai Restaurant in Chennai. No questions about that (as far as I am concerned :-)). The focus in Benjarong is on fine dining. So along with great food, you have soothing music, un obstrusive lighting and spacious interiors. Naturally it attracts good crowd and it is advisable to reserve your table before you go there.

They serve you with cold towels to refresh yourselves. Then comes a traditional Thai Starter served on the house. A plate consisting of some thing like betel leaves and small cups of peanuts, dried coconut pieces, ginger, chilli, onions, lime and sweet concoction. You are supposed to put all these ingredients in that leaf and spread the sweet concoction onit and eat it. Tastes a little tangy, but it is some thing not to be missed. We started off with the cool drinks. Try the Cindrella they have. It is Pineapple Juice on Strawberry Crush and refreshing.

For starters we had Babycorn tossed with roasted chilii and served in small rice tartlets (vadam like thing). The babycorn is cut into small pieces and arranged about 6-7 pieces for one rice tartlet. Makes it easy to share. The deepfried babycorn is delicious. With Benjarong appearance is as important as the food, so you have carrots carved in the shape of a rose and cucumbers carved like leaves accompanying the dishes. It looks so beautiful that you feel a little apprehensive eating the carrot rose.

For main course we had Soft Noodles with bean sprout and spring onions, Thai Fried Rice with vegetables and Deep Fried Potatoes in yellow curry. The noodles was good, the fried rice was spicy (but we had chosen specifically a spicy one) and hot and the potatoes were just too good.

And dessert – make no mistake, they make the best Fried Ice Cream in Chennai. Do not miss that. We also had Coconut Custard with Ice cream. It was good, but the Fried Ice Cream beats anything else hands down.

All in all a truly remarkale place to dine. But it is expensive. A vegetarian dinner for three cost us Rs. 1100.00.

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  1. Kaps (unregistered) on May 27th, 2006 @ 11:53 pm

    Apart from the 5 star types, how many Thai restaurants exist in Chennai? I haven’t heard of anything other than Benjarong.

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