Da Fresca – Part 2

We now have more information and some cheesy snaps too ;)

Continuing from this earlier post on the new Italian restaurant in T Nagar, here we go with stats:

Name of restaurant: Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

Location: Bang opposite to PSBB, Thirumalai Pillai Road {it is right opposite to PSBB; shoo, shoo ignorance!}

Ambience: Relaxed and well-lit with a beautiful sun roof which lets in sunlight

What we ate:
Starters or anti pasta: a very-hard-to-pronounce bruschetta pomo which was oven toasted bread with baby tomatoes with a dash of olive oil and a hint of oregano.
Reaction-Nice and different from most pseudo italian joints which use mozzarella cheese as an excuse for italian food; the baby tomatoes with the olive oil and oregano was very subtle, no over powering tastes here, you could actually enjoy all the flavours in the bruschetta.

Main course:veggie lasagne, pasta(the twirled one) AKA aglia e olio, veggie Pizza(the regular).


The veggie lasagne was pretty good to look at – a welcome break from the usual rectangle bowl generally used for serving lasagne at most restaurants; it had 4-5 layers of pasta sheets on it and each layer was separated by mozzarella cheese and vegetables alternatingly. The result was an amazing combination of tastes. No cottage cheese, a variety of vegetables instead.
Reaction: Refreshingly different. This is the first time I tasted brinjals in a lasagne.
The pasta was very minimalistic, very few flavouring agents; you could taste the vegetables distinctly. We had it with a generous sprinkling of cheddar cheese(you can opt for the cheese).


The piece de resistance – the pizza, we decided to go safe by ordering the traditional mozzarella pizza. It was amazing (Bella Ciao, watch out!) the crust was the thinnest that you could ever find (okay, I am exaggerating but it was thin) and the wood smoked oven…Mmm.. you could taste the flavours of the wood in the pizza…the base was crisp..the cheese was fresh…the pizza was piping hot…we could actually see the cheese melting when the pizza was brought to the table; the waiter warned us to wait for at least 5 minutes before touching the pizza..oh..the base sauce…nice fresh tomato base with hint of oregano and topped with basil…Mmmmm :)
A sense of overwhelming satisfaction came over us and we skipped dessert.
The chef personally came by and asked us if we enjoyed the food and asked us if there were any changes that should be made to the style. He also explained to us why he emphasizes on fresh vegetables and use of cheese in moderation (psst…he came coz we were the only people in the restaurant at that time!)

Final verdict:
Damage on the purse: 850 bucks (two people)
It was a great luncheon experience. The cousin rates it better than Bella Ciao (he also said this although bella is northern italian…this guy is southern italian. And I dumbly wondered I have no clue about tomatoes from fish and now you expect me to understand this! Sigh!)

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  1. Kaps (unregistered) on June 10th, 2006 @ 2:15 pm

    There is a restaurant by the same name in Singapore. I wonder whether they are related. anyway, i was more interested in the desserts :-)

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