The new Egmore Station facility off Poonamallee High Road

Went and checked out the new Egmore Station facility off Poonamallee High Road and found that, although its been inaugurated, it is not yet in use. Here’s a picture of the work being carried out to provide for a parking area for call taxis and autos between the driveways that lead to the station itself.


The good news is that there’s a tremendous amount of parking space available before this facility as is evident in this picture. The bad news is that they have paved the entire area in concrete without any earth in sight.


Think of the amount of rainwater that’s going to run off this concrete apron which is like a small airport! I doubt that they have provided for rainwater harvesting at such a facility. That means the ground water recharging with the rains in this area will be affected, and there could be flooding if storm drains of adequate capacity and flow have not been provided.

That said, one must congratulate the railway authorities once again for the sensitivity they have shown in the design and construction of this station facility that mirrors the old Egmore Station, right down to the last detail on the pillars.


When this facility is open to the public, this is sure to be a better way of getting to the station with plenty of parking and open spaces. The station building itself is pretty small and only meant to be an entry to the main station on the other side of the tracks where all the facilities are. I didn’t go in, so I didn’t get a chance to review what the experience would be like. But I’m sure this is going to take the pressure of the old station entrance with its limited parking.

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