Chennai is Under the Radar….So?

Chennai is a strange city; it manages to evoke fanaticism, fanatics who love this city, from those who have lived here and love this city, actually foolishness in the name of love for Chennai. They believe when any event happens in the other metros of India, whether Apple deciding to launch a product or news channels who decide to cover vulnerability of metros in India, Chennai should be featured. These idiots don’t realise that being under the radar has its advantages, and want Chennai to have its 15 seconds of fame, which doesn’t make an iota of difference.

This is just a brilliant display of their foolishness. If Chennai isn’t included in the list of vulnerable cities, it clearly means that Chennai isn’t vulnerable, and on the radar of the terrorists, be glad that it isn’t on the radar, rather than feeling sad it isn’t on the radar.

Don’t give me this bull crap about every place in India, whether a small village or a big metro is vulnerable to terrorist attack. If that is why Chennai should be categorised vulnerable city, then your logic sucks. Chennai doesn’t represent anything worthwhile for the terrorists to target. Chennai is just another Indian city, like Manglore, Mysore, Trivandrum or Lucknow. While Bangalore and Hyderabad represent India’s growing IT prowess. Don’t give me the bullshit about IT exports from TN therefore Chennai too represents India’s growing IT prowess, perception is different from reality. Delhi is the national capital, and represents India’s centre of power, while Mumbai is the financial capital, representing the new economy.

Attacking any North Indian city, makes sense for terrorists, if the city doesn’t represent anything, it might increase the communal tensions, while in Chennai, if there is an attack, none of that will happen, the Hindus and Muslims and Christians are more interested in making money and saving their salary to buy the second plot of land, 20 kilometres outside the city, sell it 15 years later when they retire and make a windfall gain on their investment. Use that money to buy a flat in Triplicane, Mylapore or somewhere in the city and enjoy their retirement, drinking bucketloads of filter kaapi and discussing politics on a thinnai, watching SUN TV with the stupid mega serials, apart from the occasional visit to temples, mosques and churches. Probably the only issue which evoke any form of violent sentiment is caste, and politicians in Tamil Nadu whose political power rests on the caste system, will strive to maintain the subtle caste tensions. The caste system has saved chennai from being another Indian city immersed in religious tension, which is at the forefront today compared to caste tensions. Who has the time for caste when everyone is more concerned with making money and getting ahead in life? As Chenthil mentions, the wonderful Indian caste system probably saved TN from religious tension.

Chennai loving fanatics don’t understand the simple fact; Chennai is just another city to the larger world, except for those who have been associated with the city. it might be associated with images of Dosai, Vadai, Idly and filter kaapi, and the most common image being that of a Iyer mama, sitting on a thinnai in mylapore reading Hindu, while his wife, iyer mami draped in a madisar brings him his first cup of filter kaapi for the day. To the north Indians it might be associated with conservatism, and which would be their last choice to live in.

Chennai is probably India’s worst marketed city, where everything happens under the radar and not in the limelight which can be associated as a blessing in disguise, being well marketed would mean Chennai might be a terrorist target; it would have an influx of tourists and along with it a pseudo culture which can ruin the city.
I’m happy Chennai is under the radar and I hope it stays that way. And the stupid Chennai theevaravaadhis (fanatics) understand the benefits of being under the radar, and not waste their time and energy, displaying their stupidity and foolishness by crying hoarse every time Chennai isn’t mentioned along with the metros of India.

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  1. the protector (unregistered) on July 14th, 2006 @ 6:43 pm

    y its not been properly matrketed- politicans doesn’t have time, avanglakku avanga perchani pathukkarthua mudila enga oru perchai kavinpanga
    they jus blame each others??

    yeah we can say the whole south india is not under the terror radar, its under the LTTE or Naxals or some rebles… that doesn’t cost much…. like those international terriost…. tou what securtiy measures we have… nope none we have….

    we do only post morten/correction no preventive measures…..

    god save the country


  2. as insane as u (unregistered) on July 14th, 2006 @ 8:02 pm

    u really are one sick hypocritical pussylicking bastard.

  3. Tirunelveli thillalangidi (unregistered) on July 16th, 2006 @ 9:14 pm

    You will realise it when chennai comes under terrorist attack.Maybe you wont bother about it as long it is not your locality that is attacked.

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