On the beach


Pretty much most things about Chennai are not unique to this city. But the beach here is in many ways unique. Of course, it’s no Copa Cabana, but a certain charm and beauty is its to claim.
What you will find in the beaches of Chennai are not what you find in beaches around the world. Here, fully clothed people, with kids and pets in tow, hope to (cliche alert) beat the heat (end cliche alert), ogle at other people, and spend some (more cliche alert) quality time with their families (end cliche alert)

You will also find, though this is not unique to madras, ragged group of boys playing cricket with whatever is on hand. Improvisation is the order of the day. You’ll find love struck couples in the midst of whatever it is they do.


Finally, you’ll find people, young and old, who have some little thinking to do, or time to kill. Or people who just want a moment of peace and quiet to some reflecting upon. And what better place, than the crowded beaches of Madras?

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  1. ramesh (unregistered) on July 21st, 2006 @ 1:28 am

    and the corner side shops
    the bhel puri shops
    kuri soldravanga (people with small sticks in their hand who predict ur future)
    horse riders
    sundal boys

    what a lovely place and what a mix of ppl from various walks of life. marina gives it all .

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