Those red lights

Yes the title could mean many different things depending on who you are and what is running in your mind at this point. What I am referring to are the swirling red lights that one sees atop government vehicles, ambulances and emergency services vehicles. Ambulances and emergency services I’ll pass. But government vehicles that use the red light indiscriminately are aplenty. How many times have you been bullied from behind by one of those government drivers who treat you like a speed breaker? Wait, that’s a wrong description. I think they probably respect the speed breaker; cannot afford to shake up the dignified people can they?

This evening, mind you it is a Sunday evening, when there was hardly any traffic on the road, we were tailed by a gray-green Honda City which had the red light doing its patterns. What could possibly be the reason to use such a light at such a time is something I fail to understand. I had a good mind to roll down my window and say a few words to that driver when I spotted who was sitting beside him. When I realized it was Dr. M.S.Swaminathan, I lost steam and simply forgave the driver.

Now this does not mean I agree to using the red light at a time when there is no need to. The government perhaps perceives the practice as a privilege to high ranking officials. But is it necessary for any vehicles other than emergency and security services?

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