Mylapore Club – no alchohol, no non-veg

Situated in the heart of the city, just about 100 metres away from Luz signal is the Myalapore Club. A huge property in terms of size in this part of town. The Club has over 1000 members and is 70 years old. Many leading personalities in city are members of this Club. Includes the likes of MAM Ramaswamy, Mani Ratnam, High Court Judges and so on. The Club surprisingly doesn’t serve any alchohol nor non-vegetarian food. Now, how can that be. A lot people go to a Club to drink. I am not for a minute saying that people go only to drink. Atleast I have checked with most of the leading Clubs in the city and they agree maximum revenue is from the bar. Agreed, Mylapore is filled with Brahmins who are not supposed to drink and eat non-veg as their religion doesn’t permit them to do so. But, this is not the reason why the Club doesn’t serve them.

The reason is that the Club is on a piece of land which belongs to the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. And the property is on lease. Till about a year ago, they were paying a paltry sum of less than Rs. 10,000 as rent. Guess it got slightly revised last year. And till the lease is on, the clause will continue.

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