On Gandhi Nagar first main road, there is a restaurant called ‘Rainforest’, which a friend recommended. I asked her about the place and the reply I got was awesome. So I asked her what is awesome about the place, and the reply I got was ‘it’s just awesome, just go and see’. So I decided to visit the place.

There is just a board outside, pretty small one indicating the restaurant is there, so I entered the building looking for the restaurant, while walking around looking for the place, a security guard who is standing in front of a huge rock like structure, pushes it open, that is the entrance to the place. One has to walk down a flight of stairs, to enter a dark dingy room, with dull lighting, and that is the dining area.

The interior is designed like a rainforest, which is why its called theme dining. And the tag line happens to be ‘theme dining’. When a restaurant is called rainforest and the theme is a rainforest, there is a lingering fear whether the cuisine will also be rainforest cuisine, in other words, similar to the food available in a rainforest, for a vegetarian like me it’s a scary prospect. Thankfully, the cuisine isn’t like that, it’s the usual fare, a jumble of cuisines, from continental to Indian to Mexican. The place isn’t about the food its about the ambience.

There is nothing spectacular or outstanding about the food, its just passable, not great, the food wont make me visit the place again, I wouldn’t mind a trek all the way to Mint Street through the crowded alleys for that one awesome glass of Badam Milk at Kakkada Ramprasad, but the food here isn’t of that quality, it definitely wont make me come back.

And neither does the theme fascinate me, the lighting is dull, unless I’m sitting under a light, I cannot see what I’m eating, and I like to see what I’m eating and what is on my plate and also the faces of those I’m dining with.

after a visit, I realised my friend fell in love with the ambience, she as its probably clear isn’t a foodie, and passable food is sufficient for her. So if the ambience is what endears you, I suggest a visit to Rainforest, but a hardcore foodie, stay away!!

With the tradition on metblogs, I’m expected to rate the restaurant.
Ambience: 5\10
Service 7\10
Food 6\10 (nothing special nor outstanding)
Price 5\10

PS: If it served alcohol, it would have been better ;)

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  1. Lavanya (unregistered) on July 24th, 2006 @ 3:54 pm

    I wonder if this Rainforest restaurant is a take off on the popular Rainforest Cafe (huge hit with kids). From what you mention, it does not sound like the same chain.

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