Follow-up on the Cyclopian baby

By now, several people must have heard of the alleged defective cylopian baby. For the uninitated, a baby girl was born sometime in the last week of July with one-eye on the forehead and brain deformity. Earlier last week, the child died and Scott Carney, a freelance journalist in Chennai, who has been investigating this case says, he has run into a dead end, while wanting to know if it was a genetic disorder or foul play “including lax oversight of fertility clinics and low barriers of entry for human drug trials.”

The medical report issued by the hospital suggests that the child’s mother has been exposed to Cyclopamine by a fertility clinic, which could have possibly induced the baby’s condition. Scott earlier spoke about this at Chennai’s Blog Camp and hopes that the case is cracked. After running into a dead end, Scott now turns to bloggers and fellow Chennai-ites for help.

He writes,

To carry this story forward we need to located the fertility clinic in question and determine what drugs the mother was prescribed. We do not want to berate the mother with questions, since she has obviously been through a very traumatic ordeal and do not want to post photos of her all over the internet, but we may need to contact her in order to locate the clinic since the hospital has failed to cooperate. To find her we must locate the child’s birth or death certificate and follow the address listed there to the parent’s residence. The certificates could be obtained through the RTI act, by connections at the hospital, in the government or any other source for public records.

Journalists? Activists? Any one else who wants to get to the bottom of this?

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  1. roadsideromeo (unregistered) on September 11th, 2006 @ 11:20 am

    i think the metbloggers shold file an RTI application and help scot. metbloggrs should carry the torch forward, they should be the core of a bloggers collective fighting this injustice. ITS happening in ur city, the city you love. how can u let such blashpmey happen in ur city?

    its sad i dont see any enragaged metbloggers, just an ordinary reporting style post.

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