Life on a Sunday Evening

Life on a Sunday Evening

Just as I went to collect my book that I threw to the floor, I got this sight out of my Window. By the way, I threw the book because the power went off on a Sunday evening. I mean, how can that happen to me on a weekend. But then, all my moods changed when I saw these guys walking on the steel two floors high, and trying to install a new transformer. Work or whatever.. its Sunday, and they had to be doing this job for money.

There’s an interesting Freakanomics stuff here. They are installing a new transformer because, there are a lots of Air conditioners installed in the locality, and the current transformer isnt able to cater. There are a lot of Air Conditioners because a lot of BPO guys reside in the locality. Its not that we havent had such a summer earlier, but the affordability has increased.. and how ?

That has made these workers install the new transformer. Practically, they are the most arrogant when you approach them and ask, “Saar ! Eppo Current varum ?”.. (When will we get back the power ?”.. ) .. They would reply with a stare.. “mmm.. late aagum.. “.. (.. it’ll take time). It is the most predictable reaction, here in Chennai. There’s a similar Question-Stare pair which is very popular. Ask the driver of the bus you are about to travel on, “Eththanai manikku saar poi reach aagum ?”.. and the driver would give a look like a Software Engineer staring at his manager, who is asking the status of a project that just got kicked off.

Luckily I made a good conversation with them today. They were with their perspective of the annoying people who pesture them with calls and enquiries the minute the power goes off. Yeah, we all ask this one person. But to this One person, So many people ask. Thats like, so many managers asking status.

I felt they had a point. I told them they were right. And just as I was about to leave I asked them “Seekiram vandhudumla ?”. That man smiled, and I didnt realize what it meant.

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  1. nandhu (unregistered) on September 25th, 2006 @ 1:39 am

    nice rambling….i love blogs about nothing. and i am not being sarcastic.

  2. Anand (unregistered) on September 27th, 2006 @ 9:59 pm

    nice one……as the previous poster said, I love blogs too..when its about chennai i love them very much as I live in Washington and this(blog) is one way of knowing the city in depth.

    I pity for those guys who have to work even on Sundays instead of spending time with their loved ones.

    Even though they were installing extra transformer to support the load, residents would be cursing these electricians as if they wantedly cut the power for fun….

    again a little pity for these guys….

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