“Mazhaiye, mazhaiye …”

Yes well, thought I’d walk/swim away with the first rain post.

Pelting water from the sky for the past two days. The Met department kept saying there’d be rain, but I, weaned on the regular Met reports for years, firmly continued to believe that it wouldn’t. Like that old weather-forecaster in the Anne of Avonlea books, the weather forecast for rainy days meant brilliant, scorching sunshine … and sunny days usually forecast lightning flashing, thundering blitzy rain.

This time though, they said it would rain … and behold the miracle! It is. The skies are growling, lightning flits through the air in a blinding flash … and the you hear the glorious roar of pattering of raindrops. Drumming on your head.

In the Vidyodaya School, apparently, the grounds are wading in knee deep water and they’re pulling small fish out of the “pool” – Information eagerly supplied by my friend A, the schoolgirl who spent the whole day drowsing in the creche opposite my home. They’re closed for three days. And she made the horrending discovery that her raincoat, which she’s suddenly began to use, has a huge gaping hole in the side. She looked like a clown half made up (and I said so.)

In Adyar, my colleague freely predicted that she would have to swim back home, from the Office. I highly doubt if she did, since we’re not in a low-lying area … and she has a tendency to exaggerate. Slightly.

Nungambakkam’s Lake Area (my father’s Office) has apparently started trickling water in. He sloshed about all day there and finally came in the afternoon, accepting defeat. Armed with a sturdy pairs of slippers, however, he valiantly braved the slush to go back. Something about “Rain or sunshine …”

What did I do, you ask? Watched miserable crowds of people wander about under a sea of black umbrellas.

Like the effervescent Revathi sings, prancing about in the water , “Vaaaa….an, megam…”

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  1. sj (unregistered) on October 27th, 2006 @ 8:51 pm

    Another thing that needs to be fixed in Chennai is the drainage besides a ton of other things. Chennai has become one big sewer in all aspects just like the rest of Hindia.

  2. Bangles (unregistered) on October 28th, 2006 @ 3:04 am

    How funny. Went to Vidyodaya! We used to have a Candle Light Ceremony. Would you know if they still do it? We had to wear white.
    And a good friend still lives in Lake Area. Will call them up sometime soon to see if all is well. Thanks for the update.

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