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Eyesore on Mount Road

Victoria Technical Institute, is a venerable old institution of Chennai. That is every one has heard about it and seen it, but not many go there for shopping. Despite its name, the Institute is basically a crafts shop selling handicraft works of the state. It was written about in Chennai Metblogs earlier.

Probably the authorities thought that it needed to make its presence felt. It was given a coat of garish Green colour paint last month. You can never miss it now. It is the new Eyesore on Mount Road.

Chennai Trivia – War Memorial

Most of you must have seen the war memorial on the Beach Road just after the Island Grounds entrance. GVB had wrtten about it in Chennai Metblogs earlier. The above photo was taken by him. Now, the question.

The memorial in praise of the soldiers has inscriptions in four languages. Two of them are English and Tamil. What are the other two languages?

Chennai Skies

Welcome to a Monday after a very good Diwali. I should be hitting work now, and My warm vayiththerichals to all the people who have got their leave approved for today. Ramzan is expected to be on 25th and unlikely to be on the holiday declared 24th.

The picture on the top – Pic Ctsy : The Hindu ePaper – was shot yesternight. This isnt any Syndey Olympics. Its not some American Congress celebration. It is Chennai Diwali.

You know, its been the talk of the town. Gone are the days when people walk in the street and find out whose house has maximum Kuppai of burst crackers. Now its the sky. Whose sky has maximum glitters, is the new game. Whatever be it. Consumption means growth everywhere.

Truly a great picture. Especially because it is Chennai Sky.

DiseaseLand theatres

Testing is important in any industry. Let it be software, let it be medicines, let it be anything. One of the well kept secrets of the city of madras is the testing ground/area for diseases like malaria/typhoid.urinal infection and what not. Its nothing but the gents toilet of woodlands symphony theatre. If at all a person manages to stay healthy, after a visit to the gents toilet at woodlands symphony then he has great resistance power. Maybe the pharmaceutical companies test the power of the medicines, by sending a patient there after a significant dosage of the medicine. Phew!

If at all you are planning to watch a movie there, never EVER visit the gents toilet. You might end up regretting the decision.

The Light and Sound show

So, Deepavali is officially over, save for the sulphur pollution. Here are some pictures, taken by the Chennai Metroblogging Photographers, of the sights, sounds (and god, what sounds) and stuff of the Deepavali festivities.

— from Velachery Balu(?)

— from keerthi(?)

Deepavali Aidheegam

Chennayil Oru Mazhaikkaalam

Just as it used to, it rained today in Chennai on the Diwali Day. God usually likes to tease the Kids anxiety. Every kid turns back home with a disappointment, when it begins to rain. Kids like rain on a school day, but never on a holiday. Not especially Diwali.

Only for a little time. Rain is back to the pavilion, and the kids are out back on the roads bursting the Latchumi Vedi.

It is a risk driving through the local streets, today. The ignorant bikes get a shocker when they run past a cracker which is ignited and no people around. Makkal run into the home after igniting the cracker.. (Did you know there is a new Remote Cracker burster ? Idhukku pakkaththu veettu pattas vedikkaradha partha podhume ! ) That gives no warning to the Bulb two wheeler driver. God save them all.

What a sight it was on my way to velachery, on my way back from work. The Distant city was celebrating Diwali on the skies. Gone are the days of a small pisaathu rocket. Kalaasal fireworks all over the sky. Either people became rich, of these crackers have become affordable.

Either ways, the festival retains its gloom and color.

Happy Deepavali.

Mudindhadha shopping?

You are a last minute shopper?
of course I am, don’t be accusing me.
I am only helping no accusing. Take a deep breath and then repeat this in a single breath.

If you want simple pattu sari go to Varadharams,
if you want it fancy go to RMKV,
if you want it snooty, go to Tulsi or Sundari,
if you want andha kaala ninaivugal go to Kumaran go to Nalli,
if you want a lekha go to Rasi,
if you want the kundans, go to Man Mandir,
if you want chiffons of the world walk the length of road Cathedral,
if you want paaramparyam go to Pothys (bayangara pon gopura varaverpaakum),
if you want plain pattu sari go to S.M.Silks,
if you…

Stop ma stop. I want men’s clothing.
What? Who will get your wife a sari then?
She got it long ago. Her amma veetu seeru.
Adhu seri. That doesn’t count. Endha ulagathula iruke nee?
I want men’s clothing.
Just buy a dhothi. That will do.
Tell me about the men’s stores. Like your sari list.
Oh! That is beyond me. Go ask the guys here. Potiya avanga oru post potaalum podalaam.
Okay advice rani, have you finished shopping?
Ahem…ennakum amma veetu seer dhaan.

Warm Deepavali Wishes everyone!

The (in)famous Chennai auto

For those of you who are wondering if I still commute by cycle-rickshaw in my daily life (apropos this recent post of mine), I wish to say that ever since we moved our home (from the old one where the family spent more than three decades), I have indeed been taking the “venerable” Chennai auto to work and back as well as to attend to other chores in the neighbouring localities.

What has been my experience so far? I find that on average, most guys are good and even when they ask for a laughably exhorbitant fare to a destination, I am more amused than angry and the fellow finally agrees to my price. So, for those of you dreading to flag down an auto, please tell yourself that you will get an honest and good guy and in all probability, you may. Of course, there may be some bad apples (and these are found in every profession on earth) but that does not warrant a blanket bad image for everyone plying an auto on the streets of Chennai.

A bus conductor ended up as the SuperStar so there is no telling where a good auto guy may end, provided he has the burning desire to move up in life. Also taking an auto to work everyday has made me painfully aware of how narrow the roads have become while the numbers of vehicle owners have gone up. So, I always end up grappling with the dilemma of whether I need to go for a car or will I be better off using ready-to-call transport services like autos, call-taxis and tourist taxis, which are in abundance in Chennai. Anyway, the pleasant surprise to me after my relocation to Chennai has been the improvement in their behavior and the fact that many of them own a cell-phone which makes it possible to call them when we want one.

Current impression of Chennai auto-drivers: Ok. Many can pass the grade.

Oxford Bookstore – Haddows Road

Oxford Bookstore opened their first store in Chennai last week. The store is situated in the ground floor of APJ Business center in Haddows Road, Nungambakkam. Chennai Book Shops market is dominated by Landmark and Higginbothams, with Odyssey at a distant third. So the question on my mind when I visited Oxford Bookstore was, how does it compare to Landmark?

The doomed Seven Star Hotel

When I read about Hotelier Lalit Suri’s demise in London last week, I kept thinking about his connection to Chennai, but couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. Suddenly it hit me today. Lalit Suri was the person who had bought out the unfinished Magunta Oberoi Hotel next to Anna Arivalayam in Mount Road.

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