Whither the monsoon?


We’ve not had any serious rain for a while which begs the above question! All of a sudden, the mosquitoes are back, breeding with a vengeance in all the puddles, sending out squadrons for concerted attacks on hapless humans. When it rains, the drops churn up the surface of the puddles, drowning the wretched larvae so that we have some respite. Now that the rain has stopped, the clouds of dust have started again. More so because the potholes in the road were filled with stones and mud, which have now rapidly transformed into stones and dust. So that the windshield is covered with a fine layer of dust before one is half a kilometre from the house. Ah, how nice it would be to have it rain again!


This morning, as I took my beloved friend Sam for his walk (my dog), I saw rain clouds approaching on the horizon, and welcomed them with open arms. They roiled as they approached, not unlike a wrestler flexing and loosening his muscles in preparation before his bout. So I assumed we were in for some serious rain as the cloud formation seemed high and wide. On rushing up to the terrace though, I found that the clouds were dissipating, although they have given this morning an eerie twilight sort of feel. Let’s hope the big boys are following this advance party, and we will soon have a rain with some vengeance on those mosquito larvae, churning them into hell! But seriously. Its been good to have showers with breaks in between which prevents flooding but ensures we get adequate rain fall. Let’s hope this pattern continues.

All together now, “Rain, rain, come this way! Come again another day!”

PS. As you can see, I’m in a trance like state, having lost a lot of sleep in an epic battle with the mosquitoes last night!

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