Choosing Multimedia as a Career

Multimedia Career
Couple of students and friends have asked me where and which is the right place for a Multimedia course.

Honest opinion: It depends on the person who wants to learn, and needs great amount of time and effort.
Nothing is impossible, true. But working with passion is much more important, that is, you should love the work which you are currently doing or like to do in future.

The next question which comes to my mind is, Does the person know what multimedia is. If so, Are they quite interested in choosing that as their career.

I will explain more in detail, if you are parent/friend/mentor and you are likely to influence any one in the near future. Continue reading.


As the word Multimedia says it consist of different media’s. In brief it consist of
1) text
2) graphics
3) sound
4) animation
5) video
6) visual effects
7) and the latest trend Mobile gaming
and here are the learning options classified in to
graphics designweb design3d designdigital video editing

and some specialized learning options or the premium segment
3d animationvisual effectsmobile gaming & e-learning

Career Opportunities:
Graphics designer
Graphics Artist
Digital Illustrator
Digital Retouching Artist
web designer
Interface designer
2d Animatior
video/ computer game designer
3d animator
3d modeler
Character designer

Now getting to know the places on where to learn multimedia
1.Image – Institute of Multimedia Arts and Graphics Effects
2.Arena Multimedia
3.SAE – School of Audio Engineering. (If you are in to sound engineering, choose this place, really good, kollywood has SAE students)
4.Cadd Center – if you want to learn Autocad (Mechanical Engineering), this is the place.
and much more other places in the chennai

Fact: I am an x-student of Image and worked as a faculty at Arena Multimedia.
The truth: Every one will teach you tools and not arts or artistic science, so remember before joining the course is this my cup of tea. When I mean arts, they don’t teach you drawing, painting etc instead the tools to create a curve or where to find the brush. What I mean artistic Science, during teaching sound they will not teach you how to make music, instead they will let you know the tools to edit and mix one.

My verdict: Look for the above mentioned multimedia centers (because they have been here for some time), take counseling at the respective centers watch out for the fees, do bargain and ask for *EMI option too (* – Preferred). Remember choose your own flexible timing, ask for how many break you can opt for and what are the re joining fees, I prefer not to take breaks. Above all choose Super Fast Track, every center has one unless or until you ask them they don’t tell about this. And finally about the placement, most of them offer, but don’t join the place where you learned multimedia, join some other place. Look for more exposure.

What & Why is super fast track?
What – it will be 4 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week (depends one place to other)
Why – by the time you finish your course, some multimedia package (software) which you learn’ t might be eigther obsolete or new version of the package gets released.
So when you come to industry, most of them expect you to be hands on from day one. I said most of them… ;)

If you can’t afford super fast track choose fast track
That should be 2 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week (depends one place to other)

Courtesy: Image and Arena Multimedia for their brochures. The images which you find are from them.

Attention: If you are interested in Arts, try Julia’s Arts at College road Nungambakkam (I wanted to pick up few skills from there. But was a full time course. I am not sure whether they are still alive and offering courses)

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  1. Inderpal Singh (unregistered) on January 29th, 2007 @ 1:47 pm

    Please make me confirm if there is any changes in the world of multimedia.




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