Chennai 600028

Stepping in to watch this movie a couple of days ago was one of the best decisions I made last weekend. A wonderfully entertaining run of celluloid, it explores a never touched before subject of life in Chennai. The city’s tennis ball cricket league.

It brings to life a fresh phrasing of dialogue. New situations. And a sea change from the run-of-the-mill violence and double meaning comedy that many scriptwriters unerringly deliver. That apart, what I perceived as a distinct plus was the absence of stars. The producers probably couldn’t afford it, but that’s simply the most endearing aspect of the movie. It keeps the movie true to life.

On the other hand, the lack of a strong storyline is conspicious. It’s more a series of interesting incidents put together. The only real abberation is an unnecessary element of violence introduced at the end, which contributes nothing to the movie.

To add it all up, Chennai 600028 is definitely worth a watch.

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  1. Ram (unregistered) on June 5th, 2007 @ 4:09 pm

    What is a “strong storyline”? The premise fo the movie is that it tracks the lives of a bunch of ordinary folk for a year leading up to the Mirchi cricket tournament. The movie explores simple, everyday themes like their friendship, romance and mis-understanding. This is what makes the movie believable and makes it endearing. I feel that it takes a brave director to stick with a simple script, free of cliched villians and melodrama. The lack of a “strong storyline” may sometimes be a virtue.

  2. Alvinya (unregistered) on June 17th, 2007 @ 11:16 am

    Hey Cast & Crews,(CHennai 600028)

    Me had just finished watchin your movie & I must say that all of you guys did a great job! Everyone had a individual X-factor in you guys & that’s the plus point! Well I would really wanna wish you guys all the best in your future endeavours, especially to PRASANNA aka SHAN.

    Prassana you did a great job! Cheers!

    Best Wishes,

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