100 for 1, 300 for 2

A helmet is fine. It’s absence also means a fine. 100 rupees if you are caught a first time. 300 thereafter. Sounds like a loyalty programme, except that the numbers don’t add up.

Now how on earth are the cops going to know what number you’re on? Maybe they’ll scratch numbers on your vehicle. Perhaps even tattoo your back.

Or do our khaki clads, intoxicated by their own integrity and honesty expect the citizenry to reciprocate?

“Sir it’s my 15th time.”

“Sir my first, pillion rider’s third.”

“Sir my very first time, sir.”

Ensoy da macha!

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  1. G V Balasubramanian (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 8:43 am

    It looks like the helmet law has been diluted with the Chief Minister advising the Police not to implement the rule vigorously. I could see many driving their two wheelers without helmet on Sunday

  2. Govar (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 9:10 am

    ANy idea wtf the CM would do that?

  3. Kokki_jacobus (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 9:32 am

    The helmet manufacturers and dealers seem to have made a quick buck.. everybody’s got a helmet now but it they don’t enforce the damn rule its only going to collect dust! Very irresponsible on the CM’s part to have made such a statement, especially when the law had been in effect for less than 2 days. I guess the police has similar advise not to ‘harass’ the autodrivers for implenting the new rates, albeit unofficially.

  4. Prasanna (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 12:11 pm

    I too see the same in Coimbatore. People were with helmets on the first. Rarely i could see riders without helmet. But from sunday i am able to see 50% without helmets. Souls whom bought helmet for the law and don’t want to make it waste were wearing it. Police not even issuing memo as per CM’s words. Atleast they can give a warning.

  5. yogesh (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

    basically…the cm should not have done that..he did that only coz of votes…its stupid to enforce a law one day and the next go against it…….

  6. Ram (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 4:45 pm

    It is CM’s birthday gift to — not the two wheeler riders — BUT to those helmet manufacturers and retailers who made a quick buck out of the insipid law.. the fining will also go the same way the ‘autorickshaw meter revision’ !!

  7. shahul (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 5:49 pm

    I guess policemen would punch our licenses.. ;o)

  8. tsk tsk (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 6:31 pm

    He’ll probably get a report of your violation history by sending an sms with your D/L no to 6767. Kidding..

  9. DontheCat (unregistered) on June 4th, 2007 @ 10:38 pm

    Well, this is jus guess work stats from the mad havoc I noticed on Gen.Patters Rd, near Anand Theatre and Willingdon Plaza b’ween 29th and 31st midnight of May.
    Helmets which were prolly marked 450bucks were being sold for Rs.750-900. That’s maybe a total of insta-money worth 400bucks at least, including the retail margins. And a fair guess that at least 2 to 2.5 Lakh helmets would have been sold. Now I majored in Eng.litt, not Maths, but I’m savvy enough to understand that someone made a nice amount of dosh.Nopes, And I’m not talking about the manufacturers you know…

    Look at it this way. The dudes in Madurai wont be able to wear one cos the sword/aruva hilt would bang against the helmet. :-) And if a cop would brave enough to stop a thug, the cop would actually not be needing his own helmet anymore :-).

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