The Big Metroblogging Chennai Lunch Meet

Wouldn’t it have been fun, if it did occur?
It didn’t. Instead, GV Balasubramaniam Chenthil, David and I met for a leisured lunch, at the old haunt – Mathsya, in Egmore. Much fun was had, well, as much fun as 4 people (instead of the promised 8) could. *
We discussed, among other things, the politics of the DMK and Maran family split, failure of the SPIC enterprise, cost of a dosai in Saravana Bhavan Peter’s road vis-a-vis the cost of the same dosai in Saravana Bhavan Dubai (the Dubai outlet is cheaper by about Rs.20) and the business that Sivaji, the boss, will generate. We also discussed the relative merits of ordering an Udupi Thali and the ambitiously named Raja Raja Cholan Dosai. (Perhaps the only time Raja Raja Cholan failed to deliver big on a promise)

We also disussed share market prices and the benefits of going to a real-person broker, but I fail to see what merit it has to the readers of Chennai Metblogs. Oh, well!

Well, then. To the review of Mathsya.

This place is an old favourite of my family’s, and a lot of people I know. The Mathsya is also where the original Chennai Metblog team met for lunch April of 2006. Since then, a lot has changed on this blog. Authors have come and gone, so have readers. Some have stayed on, some have become authors themselves.

The food at Mathsya can be described as above average to good. The Mysore Bonda is quite special and probably the only place where it is as it should be. Raja Raja Cholan dosai sounded big. I half expected a dosai to be set like the Vimanam of the Tanjavur temple – all I got in its stead is a flat, soft pancake stuffed with, I am afraid, rather tame tomato and onion masala. The Udupi Thali was good, I suppose. David definitely seemed to relish it. So did Chenthil.

Coffee could have been better.

The service was good, but that is expected, since we’d originally reserved a table for 10. I do think the manager expected the rest of the Metblog team to materialise out of the woodwork. Sadly for purposes of entertainment, it wasn’t to be.

In all, a good way to spend Sunday afternoon.

* And oh. We did have fun.

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