Valet ‘illatha’ parking

Take your car into a mall, movie theatre, hotel or absolutely any other business that doesn’t believe in wasting space on parking for its customers, and almost immediately a new breed of service providers loom large in your windscreen.

They are called valets, though I believe that ‘parking consultants’ will be the norm in future.

Now I’m allergic to letting some bloke with dubious driving skills have a go at my dream boat.


Do I want it driven off like the route was Paris-Dakar, as soon as my back was turned?

Do I want its gear box to croak in protest, as it is put through the paces by someone who could have been a wrestler if he weren’t pretending to be a driver?

Do I want to wonder where my car will be parked when clearly the lot looked stuffed to the gills?

Do I want to puzzle over what “PARKING AT OWNERS’ RISK” means when somebody else has the key?

Do you?

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  1. tsk tsk (unregistered) on July 16th, 2007 @ 1:34 am

    hmmm…In any case, i would never hand my car away to a valet if it werent at a decent restraunt or hotel or store. I doubt if malls and multiplexes can afford the scale required to conduct valets. especially since there is price control on sale of tickets..

    But overall, id be fine with giving away a santro/swift-ish.. but anything in the city/corolla/octy range… id be a lil discerning. Owners of ambassadors may worry abt who they will hit instead..

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