Chennai Traffic Police – One way not solving problems

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This post is related to this link on chennai metblogs New Traffic rules at Guindy, Saidapet, RajBhavan and velchery

Are barricades and zebra crossing lines the solution?
When they started this process there were no barricades, I guess after few accidents they have made the new arrangements. Every day ride is a new surprise.

Few things which I noticed for the clogging of traffic
1) Barricades
2) Zebra lines. Just for one lady who wants to cross the road (this is usual at the Anna university to Velachery road, next to the temple), the Cops prop up the hands bringing the heavy traffic to sudden stop, few times I would have rammed against the car which is at my front, because it is free flowing one way traffic and you don’t expect the traffic to stop all of a sudden. Well Now I do.
3) Corner having barricades is a bad idea. Velachery to Little mount, right at the corner you will find two barricades. one metal barricade and one with the “go slow” sign board. There is two main exist points which lead to this corner. One from Velachery and the other one from Anna university and one more via little mount. Heavy traffic and already a narrow curve and now with barricades.

The worst thing is our Barricades are quiet dangerous. Barricades should actually be supported with water filled plastic drums (sintex types) which will act like crash guards by not hurting too much.

I would say an alternative way like foot over bridge is very much needed.
Any ways this is just my thought, and I don’t have any rants against cyclist (crossing from one end to the other end of the road), motor cycles (find a gap, fill it) and our state owner buses (who could stop right at the center of the road and not providing space for other vehicles to pass by)

The mentality of people needs to change or the law has to do some thing to change.

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  1. SUNIL (unregistered) on July 21st, 2007 @ 12:30 pm

    Aha… the foot overbridge. They sure can be a boon at many such intersections in Chennai. Those barricades are not maintained properly as wll. At many places, you find them broken nad protruding offensively. Also, those concrete blocks that are used as road dividers or medians in Chennai’s roads. Never seen such offensive and obtrusive barriers in other cities (in India).

  2. shek (unregistered) on July 22nd, 2007 @ 2:22 pm

    I think you havent seen Hosur road in Bangalore.

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