More news on kidney scam

A recent story on Wired sheds more light on the kidney scam and how people in tsunami camps and settlements are being exploited by organ racketeers. It’s a pity that the poor are continued to be exploited because not enough people come forward to donate organs. If organs could be more easily transplanted from cadavers, and more number of people came forward to help do this, then the illegal organ trade could die a natural death.

The story is a bit old. Anantha, a well known blogger, brought the Wired story to my attention only today.

Many of you may have heard of Scott Carney. He was the sole blogger who followed up on this and the cyclopian baby story. In this post, he writes on how hospitals have gone unpunished for serving as centres of illegal kidney transplants.

Scott’s story is comprehensive and provides much of the background needed for this story published in Metblogs yesterday.

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