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The most sought after skilled worker in Chennai?


Call centre exec?




Throw in your answer and the reason why you think so. I believe we’ll have some very interesting facts to this case.

I have an answer too.

Wanted: A big roof and big heart

I was among those who took a big interest in the Roof Top Film Festival, even going to the extent of choosing films for one of the events. Later inexplicably and much to the dismay of its organisers, the event has fizzled out. For around three months now, RTTF as it was known among the 50 or so who attended and the hundred or so who wanted to, has not been held.

The organisers now need a roof that can seat about a hundred people. We don’t need chairs or furniture of any sort. Just a roof will do! Can you help? If you we will be ever so grateful to you. You can also get your neighbours to watch some fantastic movies. I am told that there is collection of Film Noir and Heist movies somewhere waiting to be screened.

If you do have a roof, please leave a comment and your email. We will get in touch with you.

Film aficionados will be happy to hear about filmcamp that is happening in Bangalore.

Pat for guys behind I-Fix

Fellas over at Bangalore Metblogs have found the I-Fix initiative to be “amazing”. Congratulations are due to Vijay Anand and Ganesh , who spearheaded the event. Ganesh has confirmed that he will join us here in Chennai Metblogs shortly as a contributor.

I find it amazing that guys who are in an ethereal industry like IT should come together on something that involves bricks and mortal, literally. But of course, the guys will dismiss this remark saying they aren’t all from the IT sector.

Of the need to maintain parks

We normally associate the Western suburbs in the city with dust, smog and barren, industrialised land. But there’s some heartening news for residents of those areas falling under Ambattur Municipality, including Mogappair, Ambattur and Anna Nagar. Twenty one new parks have been proposed in these areas, out of which four have been opened. This means that many of these areas will turn green.

DLF makes highest bid for Tidel II

News of interest to IT guys. You may have probably seen the news. But here’s is it anyways. A New Delhi-based real estate developer has made the highest bid for Tidel II. The property is adjacent to American International School off the IT corridor. Once Tidel II is realised, it will be a major boost for IT in the state.

Probe stalled in kidney scam case

The Deccan Chronicle on Saturday reported that the investigation into a kidney scam case was stalled with the police and health authorities were holding each other responsible for the probe. The director of medical services, who the police say is responsible for the investigation, has told the newspaper that the police is more suitable for investigating the case. The police, in particular, the CB-CID, has said that according to the law – The Transplantation of Human Organs Act – it is up to the directorate of medical services to conduct the probe.

So far, no charge sheet has been filed in the case and racket remains, for public purposes at least, uninvestigated.

Banyan begins blogging

Guys over at The Banyan have just discovered how much fun blogging could be. Over the last few weeks, bloggers at the organisation have posted many details, including a superb video, on The Banyan’s working. Those acquainted with The Banyan will find some of the trivia more interesting.

Old schoolers can also visit The Banyan website here.

Chennaiites are familiar with The Banyan. Ever since it was started back in the mid-nineties, The Banyan has worked in the area of marginalised, mentally-challenged women. (I hope I got that right) Some of the women, whom I met about two weeks ago, are not insane in the conventional meaning of the term, if all it applies in the modern context.

Merchant & Banker’s Regatta on course for finals on 29nth September


The tranquil course of the Adyar that you see from the Kotturpuram Bridge to the Madras Boat Club is the scene of hectic preparations for the coming Regatta every morning. Teams from LionBridge, Element K, JWT, Sify and other companies are putting in hours on the water to hone their skills and build their stamina. For it’s a 800 metre course that can draw every ounce of energy and stamina out of the contestants as they strive to cross the finish line first. The heats begin early next week, culminating in the finals on Saturday afternoon with the prize ceremony in the late evening. Plan to be there. It’s a sport that involves grit, guts and glory, and quite exciting to watch.

10 Downing Street

They’ve got the basics right as far as pubs in Chennai are concerned. Good interiors. Outstanding music. Average service. Parking for 10 cars and seating for over a 100 people.

I first went there with a male friend a few days ago, but didn’t make it past the door. It was ladies’ night, and entry was allowed only if you had a member of the fairer sex with you. We didn’t make any attempt to pass off as bearded ladies, and left.

The next time, I got my wife to tag along. Of course, I had made it a point to wear fully covered shoes, a collared shirt and bottom wear that stopped well below my ankles. So they let us in.

Like I mentioned before, the interiors were nice. Quite pub like, with a sprinkling of bar stools. But there was something about the way people were seated that gave me a sense of deja vu.

Men in one section. Women in another. And couples in a third.

Boys’ school. Girls’ school. Co-ed.


Very disappointing. What’s a pub that has more restrictions than drinks on their menu.

Trials and Trialblazers: Meet Sanjay Subramanian


Trials and Trial Blazers is a monthly programme organised by the Tamil monthly Kalachuvadu on the last Sunday of every month at the first floor of Book Point, opposite Spencer Plaza. This time they have invited Sanjay Subramanian, the well known Carnatic singer and musician, to speak on the title ‘Meeting and Sharing’. A documentary made by Prasanna Ramaswamy on the singer will also be screened. After Sanjay Subramanian finishes his speech, members of the audience can ask questions. So prepare a good question and go.

Time: 6:00 pm
Date: 30/09/2007
Venue: Bookpoint

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