Side business

Side business

It’s the fountain that gives middle class India a better lifestyle than its one earning member can afford.

A source of extra income which helps buy a saree for the lady of the house, a dress for the daughter, a cricket bat for the son and if not anything else, a smile for the man of the family.

On one of my recent excursions through the side roads of Nungambakkam, I found the most heart warming example of a side business. An ‘istri kaaran’ (man who irons clothes for a living) who was also into the real estate business.

But I didn’t just see an ad. I saw someone who believed there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and was making an effort to get there.

Cheers to this enterprising Chennaiite.

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  1. Thad E Ginathom (unregistered) on October 6th, 2007 @ 8:03 pm

    Everybody in Chennai is in the real estate business. Such a guy in my previous area was the local barber. What better job for hearing what’s available!

    As for just one sari… forget it: a couple of house sales in a year will set you up nicely, especially of you are lucky enough to know both buyer and seller. That’s 2.5% off each. Even for rentals its a months rent for the introduction.

    This is absolutely at the core of how Chennai works — a network of guys passing on information here, making a buck there; never turning down a chance.

    Try this: pick any shop, tell the guy you’re looking for property in the are, and can he he help you find an agent. Bingo! You just met an agent!

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