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One Day Film Workshop in Chennai

Hrish Thota and Co., the people behind FilmCamp.Tv – a film academy in B’lore, are spreading the film making spirit to Chennai this December.

On Decmeber 9th, 2007 (Sunday) they are organizing the first film-making workshop in Chennai. The one day workshop aims to provide a hands-on experience in film making, under the guidance of professionals. It covers every aspect of film making, from script writing, story boarding, shooting (with the cameras they provide) and editing with Final Cut Pro (on the Apple Mac that they provide at the venue).

With professionals to help you at each stage of film making, this workshop will give you an undiluted insight into the world of film making. The event starts at 8:30 am in the morning and stretches till late in the evening, by when they promise to educate you to complete your first short film (one minute).

This concept has been a roaring success in B’lore, where they have managed to get participants to finish 11 films in the past workshops held there. They also help you popularize your film, by launching it on their site.

All this, for just 1000 bucks. Trust me it is worth every rupee. When I made my first film, I had to go thro’ a lot of pains, without people to guide me and learning small things the hard and costly way. But here you get all the knowledge in just a day for a mere sum of Rs. 1000.

Also you will be put into a random 5 member team at the venue (the venue details will be mailed to you at the time of registration), which adds to the real life experience of many film makers. While making a film, you have to get in touch with many strangers and make them visualize what you have in mind, an art that any good director/script writer must possess. gives you an opportunity to test that too.

The registration process if fairly simple, just shoot them a mail at direct [at] and they will guide you. – Chennai Workshop

The Daniel Pearl story


U.S. Consulate General, Chennai, in association with Madras Film Society and Indo-Cine Appreciation Foundation present “A MIGHTY HEART”

Feature film (2007/Color/108 mins)
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Dan Futterman, Irfan Khan, Archie Panjabi, Will Patton

Ashok Nagar traffic changes

Couple of days ago, the Chennai Traffic Department imposed some changes to the traffic on Asok Nagar-Asok Pillar-Udayam Theatre route. Here’s some snaps  of the utter chaos that prevailed there on that day.

From the looks of it, I think these changes are also going to solve as much congestion as the traffic change in ‘Chinnamalai-alexander square’ road did. They removed all signals on that stretch and replaced those lights with human traffic police who now stand there on the road all day sweating in the sun stopping vehicles for pedestrians to cross the road. Yeah, the change did make a little difference. But, was it really worth it? Today, that change is just an excuse for autodrivers to charge you more.


En vazheee….. Thaneeeee Vazheee……

No. This is not from a Chiranjeevi starrer!!! The auto driver is coming on the wrong side of a one-way road. Inspite of repeated warnings and shoutings from onlookers as well as Policemen, AND the markings on the road, he kept on driving. Till one officer decided to stop him the ‘Rajni’ way!!!! The brave gentleman literally stopped the autorickshaw by placing his foot on the front wheel!!!


Team Chennai : Captain – Stuart Law; Coach – Michael Bevan

Yes. I am talking about the Indian Cricket League. The Chennai team is named as Chennai Super Stars with Stuart Law as captain and Michael Bevan as coach. The other foreign players in the team are Ian Harvey of Australia, Chris Read of England, Shabbir Ahmed of Pakistan and Russell Arnold of Srilanka.

On bridges in Saidapet

Let me begin my, um, comeback, with a small question. How many bridges do you think are in Saidapet? There’s a bonus question, which I shall ask after answers to this one start coming in.

$20 project: The pure joy of film

X sells DVDs, most of them rare and classical films, to his regular customers. He doesn’t have a shop anywhere in Chennai. He operates mostly by word of mouth. His customers are assured of two things: The DVDs that X sells are of a certain quality both in their content – films and documentaries – and the quality of the DVD itself. This means that not only do you get good films to watch simply by approaching X, but you are also assured that the DVDs play smoothly.

Breakfast at Tangerine

Forgive the uninspiring title, I was thinking of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was a rather unusual Sunday, not only was I awake in the a.m. but was up and about. In search of waffles (somewhat affordable but not sad ones, I mean) V and I tumbled into the car and wandered off to Tangerine, the sizzler place. We’d heard they did Sunday brunches which included waffles and thus the early waking and what not.

vanishing breed


From Courier to Chronicle

Even in this age of internet, reading a newspaper in the morning is a habit that most of us are yet to break. For a person in Chennai, The Hindu is more or less The Paper. It might be interesting to know that Madras had a string of Newspapers right from 1785 onwards with The Hindu reaching its exalted position only by late 1950s.

The first Newspaper of Madras was The Madras Courier, the first copy published on Oct 12, 1785. It was started by Richard Jhonson and was published as a weekly paper. It was followed by The Madras Gazette and The Government Gazette. The Madras Courier survived for 36 years before folding down.

The Ultimate Sport finals tomorrow

The Ultimate tournament which started a week back, ends tomorrow with the two most important games: to decide the winners and the two runner-up teams.

Last weekend saw some real high speed action packed games. I almost ran out of nails to bite by the end of the semi-finals. It was heartening to find so many interested folks getting up at 5:30 in the morning and driving down all the way to the beach to cheer us.

Here is a nice picture of Mahen (team red) in action, snapped by Manoharan.

After the tournament gets over on Saturday (Tomorrow), the CUF (Chennai Ultimate Frisbee club) will swtich to its second season. So if you are interested in the sport and would like to learn/play it, this is the best time to join, for, the next tournament will be held at least 3 months later and you will get adequate practice playing at least 25 regular games by then.

So all you have to do is to join the club is land up every Saturday and Sunday at Bessie (Elliots) Beach (near the gym/police booth) at 5:30 AM, starting this Sunday and play the game. We are also implementing 2 level tiers, so that it will help the new comers to settle down and play their game with people of their skill set for the first few games.

And ho! Did I forget to mention the match schedule for tomorrow:

6:00 am – 7:00 am: Finals, Team Blue Vs. Team Yellow (My team)
7:00 am – 8:00 am: 3rd place decider, Team Green Vs. Team Red

So see you folks there. :D

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