The Fifth Chennai Photowalk – Walking across Michelle’s Ancestral Home at Pantheon Road

In one of the posts of Vinod Subramanian “Zyng – been there yet ?”, there was a comment by Michelle Binkley  

Hi Vinod,

I am trying to find someone in Chennai to help me. I need someone to take a photo of a house there.My Mother and her family were born and raised in Madras (1935? – 1960ish?), and now they all live here in Vancouver, Canada. They have not been back to India for many decades, and I am hoping one day to visit my Mother’s home country.

I realize that this is not a direct comment to your blog, but it is diificult to find out info from around the globe. If you can offer any help, it would be appreciated.

Her family home was at 56 Pantheon road, the family name was Hussam. My Grandfather used to run a prosthetic business on Broadway in Madras. If you can send me a photo of the house, it would mean alot to my Mom and Uncles.


I sent the photographs, sometime in March 2007, to Michelle, of the house in Pantheon Road and she confirmed that it was their ancestral house and sent few photographs of her family which you see in B & W’s  Mother, her two brothers, her parents and grandparents, (many generations) were all born and raised in India.peterbike.jpgpeterscooter.jpgMichelle’s Mother’s family stayed in Madras until 1954, then moved to England after all the changes in India during the early 1950s after Independence. Michelle’s  Mother left England as a young woman to come to Canada in the late 50’s.

Michelle’s Grandfather left behind his business started by his Grandfather, making prosthethic limbs, outerwear etc. Michelle still possesses some of the old stationary where it states that the business goes back to 1850! The business was located in Madras on 172 Broadway, “J. P. Hussam & Co.”

 Michelle and her MotherMichelle Binkley and her Mother says “Thank You” from Vancouver,Canada

The photograph of Michelle Binkley’s ancestral home at the top of this post was taken during the Fifth Chennai Photowalk on March 16, 2008 when we passed that way. The house is presently owned by Radha Swami Satsangh, Beas. 

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  1. dilip on March 22nd, 2008 @ 11:24 pm

    fantastic work GVB. wonderful image.

  2. rama on March 23rd, 2008 @ 1:07 pm

    heartwarming deed …..

  3. khaleel26 on March 23rd, 2008 @ 5:30 pm

    very nice. but i cud not the see the picture of the home now. have u posted it? if not post it again.

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