In which Chandrachoodan cops out

I am usually the most vocal of critics when it comes to the government and their efforts to improve something.
Which is why, either the government has either devised a way to brainwash me remotely, or they have actually done good. I think it is the latter.

First – the Kodambakkam flyover. It started off and continued to be an unmitigated failure. And totally unnecessary one. When the completed construction of it (govt. circles boasted a record 8 months. record?), and when I went over it a couple of times, I didn’t have to change my mind. I actually found that the traffic snarls there had increased.
But, a week or so after they’d declared the flyover open and new arrangements in traffic flow were made, Kodambakkam bridge and Usman road have become easier to travel on than before. (Conditions apply – my opinion was formed during off-peak hours on weekdays and on weekends.)

Secondly, I predict that once the other flyover on Usman road is built, the police will divert some of the Central-Airport/North-South traffic via Mahalingapuram-T.Nagar, taking some of the pressure off Mount Road. This will also help, IMO, when the start building the Metro.

Second, the removal of the hoardings. I’d written earlier about it. Personally, I never had a problem with the city’s billboards. While not all of them were brilliant, you did see good ads there and they helped hide some of the ugliest buildings ever built in the history of mankind.
But, when I go down Cathedral road and see the now naked trees of the Drive In (erm – the new botanical gardens are yet to take off. So till then, it will be Drive In, and perhaps even after) or the hidden art-deco-ish buildings on and off Mount Road, I am happy.

I now realise the city is actually greener than what I thought. (I once said to a friend Chennai is probably greener than Bangalore or Bombay. This was when hoardings hid most of the greenery)

On the same topic – here’s a site I came across.

So there. The conversion of Chandrachoodan from a spined-sarcastic-critical s.o.b to a gushing-government loving-hopeless romantic is done.

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  1. navaneethan on April 28th, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

    What was the result of the ‘Ugliest Building’ contest? Is it too late to submit the Chamiers Park building at the corner of Turnbulls Rd. and Chamiers Rd.? It has to be one of the worst eyesores I’ve EVER seen. For once, I wish they’d have some hoardings to cover it up. Bit late, though.

  2. brado86 on May 22nd, 2008 @ 12:15 am

    Having been a resident of Habibullah Road until last month, I can vouch for the same useless-to-decent feeling about the flyover. During the construction of the flyover, the problems in the area – man, it was impossible. It only left people with the feeling that this is yet another useless project. However it seems to have paid off quite well.

    However, there are still concerns: reducing the size of the road to enter into the Kodambakkam bridge proper still causes snarls at that bottleneck. And some of the new traffic redirections are plain painful. Guess things will get better when the Panagal Park flyover gets completed.

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