Comedy Thirai

Yes, Suntv is coming up with a 24hr channel for tamil comedy explicitly. When Kalaingar TV was started there was lot’s of disputes and media war like airing the latest tamil flicks on weekends and festival occasions. Now, having lost the battle to Kalaingar TV, Suntv has started airing this kind of channel.

They have been showcasing most (almost all) of the comedies scenes during late hours for a quite long time.
It was called “comedy time”. This program was a huge success in Surya TV than Sun but as they are all are one group they started the copy cat methodology to bring it a success in Tamil but no use!. They didn’t perform or market their program so they lost their TRP.

But will this be a big click or flop depends on you(people). The channel takes it’s first steps on Sep 8th onwards. Let us wait and watch how it strives the media war and continue to bring up their TRP(Television Rating Point).

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  1. silanthimanithan on September 4th, 2008 @ 10:47 pm

    With the only nation in the world where politicians still believe that people can be duped out of their minds by giving them freebies and color TVs – we truly are living in the Comedy Age.

    And the Joke is squarely on the dumb stupid Tamil Makkal lost in their Kalaacharam and TV Serials.

    A reality show running round the clock through the year would be more appropriate Comedy Channel for such a Dumb Population(Almost all Tamil Makkal) than a Cinema Based(Dumber) Comedy Channel.

    People only get the leaders they deserve. Well, Tamil people have fallen so behind on the evolution chain that they indeed deserve scumbags and scoundrels as their leaders and chief ministers.

    Vaazhga Thamizh Kalaacharam. Vaazhga Thamizh Pan-Baadu. Vaazhga Thamizh Kol`gai. Vaazhga Vaazhga.

  2. praddy on September 7th, 2008 @ 11:15 am

    well it cant get better for we viewers! :)

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