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Art By Evam

I recently caught a re-run of Evam’s Art. Its their first production, and supposedly their favorite. The story is pretty simple. Three friends, Mark, Sarge and Ivan, are there. Sarge blows an obnoxious sum of money on a piece of modern art. Like most commonfolk, Mark cannot appreciate the painting, and has issues with Sarge blowing money on it. In the middle of the conflict is Ivan who is getting married soon. The play is about how these three have their relationship defined by this painting.

இனிய் பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

சென்னை மாநகர வலைப்பதிவு வாசகர்களுக்கும் சக எழுத்தாளர்களுக்கும் இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Chennai: She’s a Sullen One, I tell ya.

A friend of mine and I, got together to meet up over coffee, partially entailing to coming up and the inevitable tasks that are pending at hand. I guess the success of any initiative is directly proportional to how stressed and tied up you are at a few days before and after the blessed days, I guess. But I am certainly digressing here.

Apart from the discussions, while he asked me why I still stay in Chennai, I guess the answer was simple, “There is a certain warmth about this city that one can’t deny”.

Chennai under a blanket of fog

Chennai woke upto a thick blanket of fog today (23/12/2007)

Chennai under Fog

Taramani Road

What to do when it’s winter

Does Chennai actually have a winter? I often tell myself that there only two kinds of weather here: the summer, which is infamously hot in Chennai, and the monsoon, when we bring out our raincoats and get ready for the roads to get flooded. But contrary to my view, there is a winter as this December proves. (Just goes to show what an ignoramus I really am!) Temperatures have really dipped in recent days. Go for a drive on a motorbike at midnight and you know how chilly it is.


A classmate of mine from LIBA used to spend her week ends volunteering at the Crocodile Bank. Her room mate, who was working with a leading Bank, also used to volunteer there. And one fine day she (the room mate) decided to chuck her well paying corporate job and join the Crocodile Bank full time. This seemingly absurd decision made me introspect and ask myself existential questions like Who am I and What do I want to do. Of course, existential questions don’t have an answer, and I finally answered myself with a stiff shot of Vodka.

Volunteering is in some people’s mind set I guess. Some of them can, hats off to them. Most of the people like me just shrug and walk away. One of those who cares is Anusha Veluswamy, who left the metblog team a message about iVolunteer – a not-for-profit organization that promotes and facilitates volunteering in India. I checked their website and was impressed. The opprtunities for volunteering in Chennai are here. So do spread the word, something good might come out of it.

Chennai Marriage Feasts – an exercise in repetitiveness

Like any other city, Chennai too is a melting pot of various cultures. While this has many advantqages, one place where I wish for some variety is a marriage feast. Any marriage feast is supposed to be representative of the community of the bride and groom. In Chennai, the variety has been all but erased and what you are served is the standardized fare, in marriage after marriage.

Ashok Nagar traffic changes

Couple of days ago, the Chennai Traffic Department imposed some changes to the traffic on Asok Nagar-Asok Pillar-Udayam Theatre route. Here’s some snaps  of the utter chaos that prevailed there on that day.

From the looks of it, I think these changes are also going to solve as much congestion as the traffic change in ‘Chinnamalai-alexander square’ road did. They removed all signals on that stretch and replaced those lights with human traffic police who now stand there on the road all day sweating in the sun stopping vehicles for pedestrians to cross the road. Yeah, the change did make a little difference. But, was it really worth it? Today, that change is just an excuse for autodrivers to charge you more.


En vazheee….. Thaneeeee Vazheee……

No. This is not from a Chiranjeevi starrer!!! The auto driver is coming on the wrong side of a one-way road. Inspite of repeated warnings and shoutings from onlookers as well as Policemen, AND the markings on the road, he kept on driving. Till one officer decided to stop him the ‘Rajni’ way!!!! The brave gentleman literally stopped the autorickshaw by placing his foot on the front wheel!!!


The Chennai Photowalk – II


As we came out of the Beach Railway Station, we had two options; one to walk along the Burma Bazaar or cross the Road and walk along many landmarks on the North Beach Road. We chose the second option , used the subway and surfaced in front of the Original Skyscraper of Chennai – TIAM House – Murugappa Group Headquarters, presently known as Jesus Calls Towers.

Stereo Typing a Brahmin…

Truth is neither myself or any of my relatives or friends who belong to this cursed community reveal our cultural identity in a public space. Not that we care to do it is a concious effort to ensure that our religious identity is not revealed at any cost. This is the case with most brahmins in the city i have interacted with and there is a reason why.

Before you judge me as a BJP or an RSS supporter i will kindly remind you that im an atheist of first cadre and the BJP or RSS/VHP did no good for than the Congress for the Kashmiri Brahmins during their reign. So forget the losers and lets move on with our discussion….

Note: I could not figure out quite how to put this from a third person perspective so i addressed it as “I” which is a easier thing to write. Read it as from a common man/3rd person perspective.

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