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Child Birth

A group of people have come together in helping the pregnant women and their spouses on various topics like informed pregnancy, natural childbirth and breastfeeding support in Chennai. They are called the Chennai Birth Network and they’re organising a seminar (with an entry fee) on related topics this coming weekend.

Refer the below invite for details …..

Birth Invite - CBN

Street Photography Workshop

The Photographic Society of Madras in tandem with Pixetra Club is organizing a workshop on candid/street photography on Sunday, 11 Oct ’09 from 9.00am to 5.00pm at S. S. S. Jain College for Women, (near T. Nagar bus terminus/Madley Road subway), Chennai. The first session will be at the venue. For the second session, they will go on to the street.

The workshop will be mentored by Mr G Sethuraman, a professional photographer of more than 25 years and a passionate teacher.

The fees will be Rs.600.00 and is to be paid using credit card at the Pixetra site or by cash at the venue before the start of the workshop.

For more details contact Sethu at 93823-43437 or email at

The Contrarian Photo Workshops at Bangalore – March 09

Photo by GVB
React to the indecisive moment. “A photograph is a reaction to what you can see and organize within a frame. After that when you look at your contact sheets, you can make a judgement about whether you want to use a picture, whether it’s good or funny or not. But at the moment you’re working, you’re on automatic pilot.” — Elliott Erwitt

Extreme Segregation

Dear Jeppiyaar and other Engineering college owner brothers,

Let me introduce myself. I am a manager in an IT company and we recruit from your college. Actually, “recruit” would be an understatement. We put up a “Tresspassers will be recruited” notice and pretty much herd in anybody who pays attention to us. But I am afraid we are having problems of late. Most of the students from your college seem to expect the following in our offices:

1. Separate staircases and elevators for boys and girls.
2. Separate work areas for ladies and gents
3. Separate dining areas for ladies and gents
4. They decline to shake hands with our clients many of whom happen to have 2 X chromosomes.
5. Iron grill creating separate seating areas for men and women in buses.
6. Separate mousepads for girls and boys
7. Your boys also refuse to work on code written by girls, and in our company, I’m afraid team work is critical
8. We have video conferences, and your boys refuse to look into the camera because they are afraid that they might accidentally make eye contact with girls.
9. Some of them are complaining to our security demanding separate corridoors and coffee machines for boys and girls.
10. Their productivity is very poor unless we make our security officers stand around in the work areas. Apparently, they are so used to “squads” that they find life without them impossible.


One Day Film Workshop in Chennai

Hrish Thota and Co., the people behind FilmCamp.Tv – a film academy in B’lore, are spreading the film making spirit to Chennai this December.

On Decmeber 9th, 2007 (Sunday) they are organizing the first film-making workshop in Chennai. The one day workshop aims to provide a hands-on experience in film making, under the guidance of professionals. It covers every aspect of film making, from script writing, story boarding, shooting (with the cameras they provide) and editing with Final Cut Pro (on the Apple Mac that they provide at the venue).

With professionals to help you at each stage of film making, this workshop will give you an undiluted insight into the world of film making. The event starts at 8:30 am in the morning and stretches till late in the evening, by when they promise to educate you to complete your first short film (one minute).

This concept has been a roaring success in B’lore, where they have managed to get participants to finish 11 films in the past workshops held there. They also help you popularize your film, by launching it on their site.

All this, for just 1000 bucks. Trust me it is worth every rupee. When I made my first film, I had to go thro’ a lot of pains, without people to guide me and learning small things the hard and costly way. But here you get all the knowledge in just a day for a mere sum of Rs. 1000.

Also you will be put into a random 5 member team at the venue (the venue details will be mailed to you at the time of registration), which adds to the real life experience of many film makers. While making a film, you have to get in touch with many strangers and make them visualize what you have in mind, an art that any good director/script writer must possess. gives you an opportunity to test that too.

The registration process if fairly simple, just shoot them a mail at direct [at] and they will guide you. – Chennai Workshop

An Open letter to the Administrative Authorities…

There is a good old trustworthy way of having things sorted out in the history of this city and its darn authorities. Problem identified, Problem AVOIDED, problem gone! (Read as forgotten)
Did i even mention about resolving a problem at hand, i apologize. I wasn’t thinking like the average chennai’te govt authority which makes me unconsciously productive.
I was doing some casual reading and I came across this random article on the Anna University banning the use of cell phones in colleges as a disciplinary measure. Adding to this, they also instruct people to wear this and wear that and not to wear tight fitting clothes that may look attractive, blah blah blah and everything. I’m stupefied, completely! Okay i know I’m too late to talk about this now but hey if we don’t talk about this who else will fix this?
I’m not a student of Anna university, i don’t work for any newspaper who pays me to write this nor do i have any personal grudge that i hold against Anna university. However like every average individual I’m concerned about the decisions, our so called authorities are making for us because some of them are out rightly low in thought process and analysis. So bad that you could visit the KMC Hospital wards and observe the patients blabber and you would not find it any different.

Kanini- Taking Computers to the masses

Kanini is an initiative by the Chennai chapter of Bharat Uday Mission ( to take computers to children who do not have access to them

Conversations with a Teacher – Part 1

On account of Teacher’s Day, you see. I thought I might write something that threw the spotlight on teachers.

One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.
~ Carl Jung


“I’ve been in the teaching field for 36 years,” she smiles. “And I don’t think I shall ever tire of it. It’s the noblest profession there is – because it’s not just about you. It’s about the next generation you help raise.”

A beatific expression graces the visage of Eugenie Pinto, Principal of the Queen Mary’s College, as we sit opposite each other in her spacious office, which projects a soothing aura of contrasting presences: today’s world, and an olde worlde charm that is quintessentially QMC. I have just wound my way through old and statuesque buildings still bearing remnants of the British Raj’s aura, around a bust of regal Queen Mary, and up corridors that positively reek of history, to meet Eugenie – and am aware, at once, that here sits a lady who has taken to the profession for all the right reasons: a sincere love for the vocation, a talent for foresight, and a genuine wish to assist those around her.

Disappearing Daughters

“A woman attended a workshop for rural women in Haryana, with her 6 month old boy and 3 year old daughter. That night, the boy fell seriously ill. The mother wrung her hands, wailing from one person to another, unable to know what to do. Sometime later, the NGO that had organized the workshop made arrangements for a doctor to visit, and the little boy was saved.” Rasheeda Bhagat paused. “When it was all over, the mother said, I wish this had happened to my daughter.”

The words of the veteran journalist, needless to say, caused more than a stir – for it highlighted the terrible fate of women and girl children in the country, particularly in the states of Haryana, Chandigarh and Gujarat. Such was the mortal fear the mother lived in, that her son was the only guarantee of her ever living a halfway normal life in her husband’s home. It served to throw light on the lives most women still led, despite these emancipated times – and directly connected to a disaster that still rocks the country: female foeticide.


On a warm evening at the Oxford Bookstore met a panel of eminent writers, novelists, journalists and activists to launch and discuss senior journalist Gita Aravamudan’s book, Disappearing Daughters. The book focuses on the tragedy of female foeticide in India. Gita Aravamudan has explored different aspects of female foeticide, its beginnings and its backlash, the ways it grows and how it can be stemmed. The panellists were stalwarts of the current literary and activist scene: Andal Damodaran, Vice President of the Indian Council for Child Welfare, Thilakavathi, additional DGP and acclaimed author, and Rasheeda Bhagat, senior journalist and author.

Memories of Madras Week

Took me a while to get my thoughts in order about all the events I had attended/heard about, and give a precis of what exactly happened during Madras Week 2007. Most events were interesting, some were repeats, while a few were outstanding. Be warned, you’re in for a long post.


In the beginning, it was a gathering of a few like-minded friends who cared a great deal about the city. Then, it grew to a series of meetings. More came to know of what transpired during these sessions, and signaled their interest to join. In 2006, it exploded into existence as one of the most happening occasions – and now it is the premier event of Chennai, eclipsing all else in August to the point of exclusion, with more than 60 events happening all over the city, put together by a number of organizations and Chennai-lovers. Le Madras Week, 2007.

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