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Sexual violence in school?

Where is the world coming to? Seven-year-old student? Kendriya Vidyalaya? Was this guy retarded enough to believe that he could get away with this? How did they hire such a sick character at the school?

[Source: CNN-IBN]A seven-year-old student in Chennai has alleged that she was raped by a school employee at the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Ashok Nagar. The student’s parents say the girl was asked by a teacher to go to a classroom where a man was waiting with chocolates. The man turned out be the lab assistant who took her to a room and allegedly raped her. The incident has shocked parents of students studying at the school. “We just want more transparency,” says Lata.

Meanwhile, parents of the victim have filed a complaint based on which the police have begun investigations. But the school authorities maintain they are not at fault. “We assure you none of our teachers are in the wrong. We are conducting an inquiry and anyone found guilty will be severely dealt with,” says Assistant Commissioner, Kendra Vidyalaya Sanghatan, Chennai region, E Prabhakar.

Often I have read news from across the world about rapists and psychopaths molesting/sexually assaulting helpless children and often wondered how could they do this? I mean, whats exactly going through their mind when they try to pull off something as stupid and sick as this?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this lab assistant is found guilty and then gets away with a minimum punishment like suspension. I strongly believe that the government should have a database of criminals and these characters (if found guilty) should be enlisted in that database as child molesters. And other organizations that have anything to do with children should check this database before hiring anyone. Of course, that still doesn’t mean that the hired person is 100% OK. It probably just means that he hasn’t been caught so far. But, its one step ahead in protecting our children against these monsters. Then again, this is not an isolated incident. These have been happening for years and it will continue to happen in future too. Still, we have to look at what we can do to minimize it.

The parents send their kids to school believing that they are safe inside the campus. They trust the teachers and other school employees with lives of their beloved ones. How could an educated teacher play part in this? Well, Maybe I am jumping the gun here. Maybe we should just wait till the police investigates and hopefully find the truth.

Value-added Workshops

Scorching May’s torture has given away to a slightly merciful June. Among other things, I’ve finally found a few minutes to breathe, after having spent two months running after … kids. Why, you ask? It’s the season of Summer Workshops, of course.

Holidays can be a rather indeterminate time. Gone are the days when parents simply let the kids loose, just telling them half-heartedly to “play in the shade” – not that anyone was going to listen – and let it at that. Come hell or high-water, it was kid-business after that, and parents could go hang. I myself, have known the joy of rolling around filthy streets and returning in the evenings, smelling like an orc. The city, however, has other ideas. What with schools vying with each other to satisfy parents’ demands about producing child prodigies that have to develop an IQ of 187 and find the cure to cancer, AIDS and other life-threatening diseases or blow up this world … the poor things desperately need some time off. After all, as one parent eagerly put it to me, it’s not all about studying, is it? A child needs to be well rounded. There needs to be some Value Addition. Children have to take back something deep and fulfilling within their hearts. To do something actually worthwhile, without running mamas and papas ragged, or feel guilty as hell that they aren’t devoting enough time to him or her. They have to learn pottery-making, papier-mâché doll-making, puppet-making, shadow theatre, mat-weaving, karate, judo, take back home clumps of activity sheets – and have fun besides. Tough job.

The answer: Workshops.

Books at a Bargain

Now, bargain it might be called, good or bad depends on what you are looking for and what you end up finding. Chenthil alerted me to this sale and indicated that paperbacks of thrillers were available at great deals.

Students Strike at Vivekananda College

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my own and are not that of the Chennai Metblog team nor Metroblogging network

Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda College is run by the Ramkrishna Mission. There are two separate colleges, with different administrations under one roof namely the day and evening colleges. The day college is government funded while the evening college is run by the mission and is self-aided. The day college staff are government appointed and reservation as required by the Tamil Nadu Government is implemented there, while none of that exists in the evening college. The evening college staff are appointed by the Mutt, and the person who makes those appointment decisions is Sathyapriyananda. Though the evening college has a principal, the common perception amongst the students, some of whom were my friends is the college is run by Sathyapriyananda and A.S Kannan, with the principal just being there for administrative purposes.

Choosing Multimedia as a Career

Multimedia Career
Couple of students and friends have asked me where and which is the right place for a Multimedia course.

Honest opinion: It depends on the person who wants to learn, and needs great amount of time and effort.
Nothing is impossible, true. But working with passion is much more important, that is, you should love the work which you are currently doing or like to do in future.

The next question which comes to my mind is, Does the person know what multimedia is. If so, Are they quite interested in choosing that as their career.

I will explain more in detail, if you are parent/friend/mentor and you are likely to influence any one in the near future. Continue reading.

Chennai Book Fair – 2007

After Music Festival at Chennai, it is time for the Chennai Book Fair. This time it’s not at Quaid-E-Milleth College at Anna Salai. The Chennai Book Fair 2007 is coming up at St George Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School campus at Poonamallee High Road opposite to Pachaiyappas College.

Mosaic - Chennai Book Fair '06

Mosaic of images shot at Chennai Book Fair – 2006

“In the lord’s name …”

Well. Perhaps that’s not exactly how they inaugurated it in 1896 – but Chennai’s Connemara’s Library certainly owes it’s name to Lord Connemara. Today, December 5, marks its 110th anniversary.

Tamil Virtual University

Although Chennai has been equally at the forefront of the IT revolution, this fact is oblivious to the media folks who unfailingly omit to mention its pre-eminence in this area from as early as the 80s (TCS established itself firmly in the city during those days when IT meant only one thing and it wasn’t Information Technology). As one government official put it when doing a presentation on the tourism potential of the South, Tamilnadu has always been a silent performer and this is true for its capital too. In spite of this lack of appreciation or acknowledgement, the city has forged ahead and earned many firsts to its credit. Regular readers of this blog may be aware of some of those achievements thru the many posts that my fine colleagues have contributed here and I don’t plan to elaborate on them.

Chennai’s 2nd gift to the world. The Wealth of Elihu Yale

First things First: This post is part of the 7 gifts to the world series that is running on all Metroblogging cities. For an introduction to the series, go here. Take a look at Chennai’s 1st gift to the world as well.
Also, the numbering of gift one, two and so on is an ordering of posts and is not a reflection of the timeline of the gifts being posted about.

You want to know what is Chennai’s gift to the world? I’d say a laid-back attitude. My aunt tossed those words at me on her way out. On thinking a bit, I have to agree that there is some truth in her statement. Chennai is a calm, cultured place where raw aggression is barely seen on the surface. Ever since she was assembled as a loose collection of neighbouring villages in the seventeenth century, the Madras of old, has been a quiet, warm hostess, offering freely of her wealth while holding on to her tranquil lifestyle.

Barely fifty years into her existence, Madras had a new master, Elihu Yale, Second Governor of the Madras settlement of East India Company. This Mr.Yale, through the baton passing game that Time loves to play, is now remembered as the man after whom Yale University was named.


Last week, I had the novel experience of watching a group of kids performing a serious theme – kiddie ishtyle.

The theme in question was animal sacrifice – very serious, and certainly not the kind of thing you can throw together and hand over to a grown up audience, wrapped and bound, in a matter of minutes. Not without making it sound terribly trite and conscious.

Admittedly, members of the Karuna Club succeeded in their effort to make it a meaningful piece.

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