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Saarang 2008

Saarang, the annual cultural festival of IIT Madras, without any doubt is one of the many things that defines Chennai and the 2008 edition of this fest begins tomorrow, bigger and better than before as the students of IIT M always promise.

Apart from the usual events (Lits, DumbC, dance, music, dramatics, debate etc.) this time they have introduced four new events including Solo dance and Short Film Making. Short film making was actually introduced last year, but it didn’t take off as expected and hence it has been re-introduced this year.

Moonshine and Skytoffee

Last Friday I decided to watch ‘Moonshine and Skytoffee’ which was a part of the celebrating 100 years of Basheer festival. The festival for some reason which I am unaware of is called ‘Under the Mangoostan Tree’.

The play was in the museum theatre, Egmore, which has lovely acoustics and not to mention the charming Victorian architecture. The play was a mix of two stories by Basheer, one is Love Letters, and the other story’s name, I sadly do not remember.

Mylapore Festival – 2008

Mylapore Festival - 2008

Mylapore Festival, an annual event in Chennai in the month of January is sponsored by Sundaram Finance and organised by Mr Vincent D’Souza of Mylapore Times. This year the festival was celebrated from January 3rd to 6th, 2008

What to do when it’s winter

Does Chennai actually have a winter? I often tell myself that there only two kinds of weather here: the summer, which is infamously hot in Chennai, and the monsoon, when we bring out our raincoats and get ready for the roads to get flooded. But contrary to my view, there is a winter as this December proves. (Just goes to show what an ignoramus I really am!) Temperatures have really dipped in recent days. Go for a drive on a motorbike at midnight and you know how chilly it is.

The lost art of handpainted cinema hoardings


This is about the launch of the book, The Nine Emotions of Indian Cinema Hoardings. It’s about the dying art of cinema billboard painting and the artists’ struggle to keep themselves afloat. These mammoth, hand-painted advertisements have all but disappeared from our streets as cheap, digital vinyl printouts take over. The book combines the wonder of cinema with the politics of seeing and analyses their uneasy relationship with commerce.

The Second Chennai Photowalk

So, as some of you reading this blog will know, a few of us went on a little walk-about in North Chennai a month ago. You’d have seen the photos and or heard about the existence of said photos. Now, I am planning to go on the walk again, only follow a different route this time. If you’d like to join me/us (A few of the Metroblogging Chennai team will also be there), do read on.

As I mentioned on my blog, this second walk will begin where the last one ended. At fort St. George.
The route:
Fort St. George -> War Memorial -> University of Madras/Senate building -> Gandhi statue. All along, we’ll pause and photograph, if allowed to, the buildings that face the sea.
The walk will start at 9 AM on Sunday, 9th December 2007. If you can, join us.

Challenging Ferrero Rocher…

I love ferrero rocher. Its my Favourite chocolate given anyday from a list however there are some awesome things that lived in the past that will beat the crap out of ferrero rocher and snicker bars big time. Right out of your local chennai hood you can pick from one of these.

A few prominent ones i could recollect, add more to the list if you can come up with more.

P.S. Stick to candies/chocolate/sweets only and exclude bubble gums, snacks etc., another time on this…

Are you a photography enthusiast?

Some of you may know Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan. He used to write here at Chennai Metblogs. For the select group of metbloggers, he was captain of the team. For photography enthusiasts over at flickr, he is known as Ravages.

Now Chandrachoodan is encouraging us to join him on a photowalk through some of the city’s most scenic locations. The walk begins from the famous Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore. It starts at 9 am on Sunday (tomorrow). If you are keen on photographing the city with Chandrachoodan along your side, please be there.

Further details are here.

Happy Diwali

We wish all our readers a happy Diwali! Hope you guys have fun tomorrow.

Tic Tac: A short note

Tic Tac is on Third Cross Road, Raja Annamalai Puram. I think it’s one of the biggest DVD/VCD rentals in the city. For those with the odd LP players, it also stocks those big laser disks. The Hollywood movies section is the biggest and includes movies dating back to the 1940s. Romantic comedies, thrillers, cartoons, the collection includes films of many genres. For example, the entire Bond collection is available on DVD.

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