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Child Birth

A group of people have come together in helping the pregnant women and their spouses on various topics like informed pregnancy, natural childbirth and breastfeeding support in Chennai. They are called the Chennai Birth Network and they’re organising a seminar (with an entry fee) on related topics this coming weekend.

Refer the below invite for details …..

Birth Invite - CBN

Mind Matters’09

Today is the World Mental Health Day, in this connection SCARF India (Schizophrenia Research Foundation) in association with SNEHA & Department of Psychiatry; VHS is conducting an Event called MIND MATTERS’09 in Chennai.

Venue: P S Senior Secondary School, R K Mutt Road, Mylapore, Chennai.

Timings: 10 am to 7pm


This is an awareness programme for better Mental Health.

One could
• Know their personality
• Test their IQ & memory
• Know about mental illness & alcohol related problems
• And watch Short Films in related topics

One could also call : 94450 40236 to know more about this.

Those interested do visit the event and be wiser.

Smoking ban in Public places

Seems the ban is completely implemented in Chennai and our residents are following it to a T. Has anyone seen people smoking in public places even now?

Been to some Pubs and outdoor restaurants where people used to smoke previously, i don’t see it after the ban.

Honestly, it really feels good in a pub or a restaurant without the smoke hanging over the place. We are able to breath easy.

Is there a ban on smoking Hookah in Public places too?

Gandhi Jayanthi & Public smoking

The Centre has announced the Non-Smoking rule in the Public areas from Oct2nd, and as per latest report its a go ahead from the pinnacle court.

Hope the next Gandhi Jayanthi changes the scene in picture below …

Cleaning up Chennai?

Is Chennai going the Singapore way? Naaah.. I don’t think so. It certainly doesn’t seem so from this penalty chart that the government has released!! While on the topic, I wonder what happened to the ‘other’ cleanup plans we have seen in the past? Remember the City cleanup proposal by Neel Metal Fanalca? or the port cleanup activity? or the river cleanup plan? or the innovative coastal cleanup competition? Anyway.. let’s not do a postmortem, and be as hopeful as before and believe that there is always a miracle waiting to happen that would solve all our country’s problems….

Corporation Council approved rules and regulations


TN villages going hi-tech

Amidst all the chaos and the gloom-and-doom thoughts I usually have about the governments in India, here’s something different. A ray of hope? A small step for technology, giant leap for indians??? :) Ok. So, check this out. Technology major Ericsson is out with a plan to take technology beyond cellular phones, malls, hi-tech gadgets and put it to some really good use in some remote villages in Tamil Nadu.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records), eClinics etc have taken their own sweet time to enter the Indian market. I wonder why? We are one of best markets in the world to launch any new concept or product. But, still using technology for health seems to be only within multi-speciality hospitals. Few know that the innumerous medical transcription companies thriving in India are actually doing the back office operations of clinics and hospitals in other countries that have embraced technology as the way to go.

Anyway, lets cut the idealism and get to reality. So, here’s what we have in a nutshell. Ericsson has worked out a deal with the government to provide high-speed network access to some very remote villages linking them with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. Now doctors from Apollo Hospitals can do a first level diagnosis of a patient in the village, from their office in Chennai. Note that it’s not mere video conferencing that we are talking here. The patient actually undergoes sophisticated tests without actually traveling all the way to Chennai. Neat. Eh?

And, health industry is not the only one that Ericsson is planning to work on. They seem to have similar plans for the educational system in villages. Looks like interesting times are coming up… I just hope the governments don’t screw-up this initiative!!!

[Yeah..Right! I just can’t help being the pessimistic creep!!! ;)]

VILLAGE panchayat of the sleepy coastal town of Mahabalipuram is suddenly buzzing with activity. You can t miss the middle-aged villager, with a clutch of medical ropes all over his bare torso. No doctor is in sight, but a local boy-barely out of school-seems comfortable monitoring him as he keeps an eye on the computer screen next to the bed. A villager s vital data is being beamed to multispecialty Apollo Hospital in Chennai, about 60 km away. For a fee as low as Rs 30, he is able to consult a doctor who charges Rs 250 in the hospital. And it s not plain telemedicine.


Disappearing Daughters

“A woman attended a workshop for rural women in Haryana, with her 6 month old boy and 3 year old daughter. That night, the boy fell seriously ill. The mother wrung her hands, wailing from one person to another, unable to know what to do. Sometime later, the NGO that had organized the workshop made arrangements for a doctor to visit, and the little boy was saved.” Rasheeda Bhagat paused. “When it was all over, the mother said, I wish this had happened to my daughter.”

The words of the veteran journalist, needless to say, caused more than a stir – for it highlighted the terrible fate of women and girl children in the country, particularly in the states of Haryana, Chandigarh and Gujarat. Such was the mortal fear the mother lived in, that her son was the only guarantee of her ever living a halfway normal life in her husband’s home. It served to throw light on the lives most women still led, despite these emancipated times – and directly connected to a disaster that still rocks the country: female foeticide.


On a warm evening at the Oxford Bookstore met a panel of eminent writers, novelists, journalists and activists to launch and discuss senior journalist Gita Aravamudan’s book, Disappearing Daughters. The book focuses on the tragedy of female foeticide in India. Gita Aravamudan has explored different aspects of female foeticide, its beginnings and its backlash, the ways it grows and how it can be stemmed. The panellists were stalwarts of the current literary and activist scene: Andal Damodaran, Vice President of the Indian Council for Child Welfare, Thilakavathi, additional DGP and acclaimed author, and Rasheeda Bhagat, senior journalist and author.

Chennai’s connection to a US $3B “business”

yogena chittasya padena vAchAM |
malaM sharIrasya cha vaidyakena ||
yoapAkarottaM pravaraM munInAM |
patanjaliM prAnjalirAnatoasmi ||

I bow to the sage Patanjali, who cured the imperfections of the mind through yoga,
the imperfections of speech through grammar and the imperfections of the body through medicine.

This is the prayer that is chanted at the beginning of Yoga classes the world over. It was composed by the famous Sanskrit poet Bhartruhari in praise of Sage Patanjali who codified Ashtanga Yoga (the eight-fold path of Yoga) and made it simple for common folks to practise and benefit therefrom. What has been practised for thousands of years as a physical exercise at the base level and as a life philosophy at the highest level, has not only spread its tentacles far and wide, but true to western orientation towards creating a market for anything under the sun, has also been made into a $3B commercial industry in the US for products and services, with patents and IP to boot.

Helmet wearing compulsory at Chennai from June 1, 2007

Helmet Wearing

The Government has made it mandatory vide its order dated 22.02.2007 for the two wheeler riders and the pillion riders to wear helmets with effect from June 1, 2007 at Chennai and other 5 Municipal Corporations (Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, Tirunelveli);

Delays in rendering medical assistance can cost lives

You have heard the emergency siren while on the roads.
Ambulance - Emergency services

911 services

911 emergency services
How do we react to the siren?

These photos are from the game Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas. The photos are taken intentionally. You must have even seen the Ambulance driver trying to seek a way, and driving the vehicle just like the one on this game.

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