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Freedom Jam Chennai, tomorrow, 3 pm onwards

Just a reminder folks. Freedom Jam Chennai, a day of live music, is happening tomorrow at Buck’s Theatre, YMCA Nandanam. 3 pm onwards.

Land up.

You’ll be introduced to genres and bands you’ve never heard before. And a few others you’ll never want to. You see the whole 7-note extravaganza is FREE, and the bands aren’t paid either. So any motley crew with guitars and a drummer who can keep time are likely to take stage.

From what I’ve seen of earlier editions in Bangalore there’s bound to be a generous sprinkling of heavy metal. But if you have the strength of ear to get past them, I promise you will discover a few diamonds.

It’s an amazing effort this, on the organisers’ part, to unearth the city’s unheard of musical talent. So, do drop by, and if it’s any help, entry costs nothing.

Freedom Jam Chennai

Let’s face it, not all the music we enjoy today comes out of a music store. There are hundreds of independent musicians out there who are putting out original compositions without the assistance or support of record labels. And thanks to the Internet and an ever expanding underground music network, it’s reaching our ears. One such stage, which started off as a casual Sunday jam in Bangalore in 1996, has now become a regular annual event. The Freedom Jam.

And the good news is, it’s now in Chennai. It’s a platform for musicians to display their wares, fans to appreciate it and a chance for one and all to engage with the music community in the city.

The Chennai edition of the Freedom Jam will happen at Buck’s Theatre on Aug 19, 2007.

There’s a whole day’s music in store, and the entry is free. The performers don’t charge either. If you’d like to participate, here’s the mail id to which you must send your profile too.

Indian version of iTunes

Today, I was at a shop in Adayar (near the Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple), buying books when I noticed this new state-of-the-art kiosk at a corner. I was clearly surprised. I didn’t expect a kiosk in such a small shop. I went over to it trying to figure out its earthly purpose in that shop. And guess what? It’s our own Indian version of Steve Job’s (read Apple’s) iTunes.

Just for some background on iTunes… It was a innovative business model for selling music introduced in the United States. This is how it works – If you own an iPod and liked a particular song in some album. You can go to the iTunes store and buy that song online. It gets downloaded into your music library and synced with your iPod. You pay for only the song downloaded and needn’t buy the entire album. You can even walk into a iTunes store and buy songs.

Now, the ADD (Anytime Digital Downloads) kiosk is just that! Only difference is that it does more than downloading to an iPod. It writes out a CD with the songs downloaded. So, this is how ADD works – You go to the kiosk. Check out the albums available. Browse through them, Search through them. Listen to the song and if its what you want, add it to your list. Once you have added all the songs, the kiosk will write out a CD of the selected songs in mp3 for you.


The songs are priced at attractive rates. The prices of some songs ranged from Rs 5.00 onwards. I think this is a wonder system. And its instant. You come, you hear, you buy and walk away! I can imagine many of you thinking – “So, whats the big deal? I download mp3 from the internet free of cost!” Well, this is LEGAL. All the songs are priced and copyrighted. You are buying the songs. This is not piracy. Downloading mp3 is. I guess that does make a difference! :) This is taking the music business to the next level.

And the icing on the cake is that the innovators behind such a beatiful idea are from Chennai – Giri Trading Agency Private Limited

Some FAQs from their site – and

Q. What’s ADDKiosk ?
A. is part of GIRI network. As Distributors of various labels in India we are looking forward to distributing Indian Music all over the world and also distributing music from all over the world in India. We have also developed an innovative new concept called ADDKiosk (Anytime Digital Downloads – Kiosk). This Kiosk is installed in our showrooms and various musical cultural centres, and public places such as Airports, Cinema halls, Grocery stores, Shopping Malls etc. The response in India is already overwhelming for the ADDKiosk. You can download music, (videos, wallpapers and ebooks – coming soon) into CDs, Mobiles, USB devices and IPODs. We are in the process of exploring the possibilities of setting it up all over the world.

Q. What’s Giri Network?
A. Giri Trading Agency is a treasure house for Hinduism, Indian culture & tradition. Music Cassettes and CDs on various themes like Sanskrit, Vedic, Mantras, Tantras, Devotional, Carnatic Classical Music, Puja Rituals, Prayers and Religious discourses are released under the banner ‘Gitaa Cassettes’. GIRI has showrooms in various parts of India where you can find the ADDKIOSK too.

Vedanth Bharadwaj live in concert


There’s always music happening in Chennai. Sometimes the traditional and more recognised forms. But on occasions, it gets experimental. Coming soon, on July 21 to be precise, is one such example.

A live performance of Vedanth Bharadwaj’s latest album. It feaures songs from the Bhakthi Movement by poets like Mirabai, Kabir, and Gurunanak amongst others. Arranged on a base of Hindustani classical music and overlayed with contemporary elements like African rhythms and country style guitar playing.

And if all that’s not motivation enough here’s another prod. The concert is free.

A ‘don’t miss it for anything’ concert


Don’t miss the Karnatriix concert this Saturday for anything. Their music is exceptional. It features John Anthony, a legendary guitar player from Chennai.
The link below will give you a profile of the man, and reasons why you must make it to the concert.

This link will give you samples of what you will hear:

Karnatriix, Shoestring, ‘Maranagana’ Viji & J Rajasekaran live in concert


Click on image for an enlarged view.

On 7.7.07, at Bucks Theatre, YMCA, Nandanam. 5 pm. Passes available at Coffee Day and Landmark. Or call 9884608884, 24521471, 9380954420, 99400 32732.

For more on the bands:

Concert at YMCA Nandanam

Date: June 24, 2007
Venue: Buck’s Theatre, YMCA Nandanam, Chennai
Musicians: Mademoiselle K from France and No Idea from Chennai
First notes at 7 p.m sharp.

The show is FREE. Passes, when I last heard, were available at Alliance Francaise.

Live Concert on June 24 in Chennai

The musicians: Mademoiselle K from France, and No Idea from Chennai

The venue: Buck’s Theatre, YMCA, Nandanam

The time: 7 pm

The date: June 24

Not a clue yet on ticket prices. But to hazard a guess, I’d say a 100 rupees.

Pipers will play in Chennai

Heard from a friend that the Pipers Band will perform in Chennai. Details below:

Date: Friday, April 20, 2007
Time: 18:30 hrs
Location: Unwind Centre, Gandhinagar, Adyar
Town/City: Chennai

Ref: The Pipers Band orkut community

Mylapore Festival – 2007

The Mylapore Festival 2007 is on from January 4 – 7, 2007.

Mylapore Festival

Mosaic of photographs taken in Mylapore Festival 2006

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