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Chennai Beach Ultimate Championships ’08

Painted Pumpkins and the like

In my post “Painted Houses at Chennai” moyra commented “I am hoping someone could please explain to me about the effigy hanging in the last of three pictures” The picture referred to has an effigy tied  to a new building under construction at Velachery.

I thought I would do a post on this subject of painted pumpkins and the like. (more…)

Bharathi, the Mahakavi

Today we remember the great Mahakavi on his 87th death anniversary and pay tributes for the freedom fighter.

the above is a collage of his home where he lived in triplicane & the plaque installed by the TN govt.

Check out more about Bharathi and his works here in the site hosted by the TN Govt.

Back to Business

Every year starting April 16th, there is a ban on fishing in the Tamilnadu Coast from Thiruvallur to Kanyakumari Districts. Since scientists found fish breeding to be active in the eastern coastal belt during April and May, fishing by mechanised boats from Thiruvallur to Kanyakumari districts is prohibited between April 15 and May 29. The ban excludes fishing by country boats and catamarans.


The Media War

This was something that most Chennaiites waited for a long time. The old lady of Bombay finally stepping into the city of one of the best and the reputed newspaper of the country. The launch of The Times of India was talked about for a very long time. But finally on Monday it actually got launched. It will be interesting to see how TOI manages to break into the long and everlasting presence of The Hindu. The newspaper that has virtually managed to be a part of every Chennaiites routine. Whoever I am talking to these days is sadistically hoping that TOI breaks the monopoly of The Hindu. Some say they want a break from the ‘commy’ blah blah of Hindu (these are not my words, mere stating of people’s views so Hindu lovers please don’t mind!!) some say they need a spice in their daily news, which TOI hopefully would provide. So the reasons are long and never ending.

It is interesting to see how the print war in Chennai would turn out to be. Because i remember two years back Mumbai witnessed the same boom in the newspaper market. There was launch of Daily News and Analysis or DNA which poached all the Big guys from TOI, DNA again threatened to wipe out the market of TOI, by aggressive marketing campaign and with a hope of delivering fresh insight into news, DNA’s entry was grand. Then followed The Hindustan Times, which again propagated its famous tag line “Le there be light”. Two years down the line the print war has mellowed down. Probably newspapers have figured out their respective audiences

So who ate into whose share still remains a question but it probably encouraged these papers to innovate and break the monotony. Chennai i hope will have the same signs it is probably good news for readers who can expect some good reporting. Apart from this the benefits are also to reporters who have shifted from one paper to the other and managed to get fat salaries ;) advertisers who would probably figure out a better target audiences and people like me who have managed to find something to talk about!!! And as one wise man pointed out once upon a time “Nothing is permanent but change”, so way to go Chennai


A remembrance meeting for the deceased writer Mr. Rangarajan (Sujatha) will be held in Narada Gana Sabha, TTK Road on 2nd March, 2008 from 4.00 PM onwards.

Pathetic condition of road in Saidapet

The residents of Sakunthala street, Subramani street, Mahadevan street, Devamani street and Kuppuswamy street in Saidapet use Sakunthala street for boarding buses at the bus stand near Jayaraj Theatre. All the school students heading to Saidapet corporation school, college students and office goers of the area are facing difficulties in commuting through Sakunthala street because the condition of the road is pathetic.

Writer Sujatha is dead

Eminent Tamil writer S. Rangarajan, popularly called by his feminine pen name Sujatha, died in the city late on Wednesday night. He was 73.

Dhoni for Chennai Super Kings IPL Team – at a cost of USD 1.5 Million

It is official. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is now part of Chennai Super Kings team at a cost of 1.5 million USD. Mutthiah Muralidharan too is now part of the team, having been bought at USD 700,000. Murali of course would feel at home in Chennai, having married a Chennai girl.

Chennai marathon a damp squib

The 2008 Chennai Marathon was organised or more appropriately ill-organised on Sunday. Few in the city heard about it and fewer, this post says, took part. I wonder what was the big hurry to organise a marathon in this fashion.

Singapore and Mumbai seem to have much better organised marathons. Don’t we in Chennai, rightfully have, a claim to have a well-organised marathon? Especially because this city is home to many groups of runners.

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