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Chit Chat and eating out at midnight

I can almost hear the conservative groans. “What has this city come to if people drive out in the rain bang in the middle of the night to eat. We have lost our culture,” they would say. And the few cars near Chit Chat are somewhat defiantly parked. People did come in them in the rain and bang in the middle of the night just to eat.

Chennai Skies

Welcome to a Monday after a very good Diwali. I should be hitting work now, and My warm vayiththerichals to all the people who have got their leave approved for today. Ramzan is expected to be on 25th and unlikely to be on the holiday declared 24th.

The picture on the top – Pic Ctsy : The Hindu ePaper – was shot yesternight. This isnt any Syndey Olympics. Its not some American Congress celebration. It is Chennai Diwali.

You know, its been the talk of the town. Gone are the days when people walk in the street and find out whose house has maximum Kuppai of burst crackers. Now its the sky. Whose sky has maximum glitters, is the new game. Whatever be it. Consumption means growth everywhere.

Truly a great picture. Especially because it is Chennai Sky.

Mudindhadha shopping?

You are a last minute shopper?
of course I am, don’t be accusing me.
I am only helping no accusing. Take a deep breath and then repeat this in a single breath.

If you want simple pattu sari go to Varadharams,
if you want it fancy go to RMKV,
if you want it snooty, go to Tulsi or Sundari,
if you want andha kaala ninaivugal go to Kumaran go to Nalli,
if you want a lekha go to Rasi,
if you want the kundans, go to Man Mandir,
if you want chiffons of the world walk the length of road Cathedral,
if you want paaramparyam go to Pothys (bayangara pon gopura varaverpaakum),
if you want plain pattu sari go to S.M.Silks,
if you…

Stop ma stop. I want men’s clothing.
What? Who will get your wife a sari then?
She got it long ago. Her amma veetu seeru.
Adhu seri. That doesn’t count. Endha ulagathula iruke nee?
I want men’s clothing.
Just buy a dhothi. That will do.
Tell me about the men’s stores. Like your sari list.
Oh! That is beyond me. Go ask the guys here. Potiya avanga oru post potaalum podalaam.
Okay advice rani, have you finished shopping?
Ahem…ennakum amma veetu seer dhaan.

Warm Deepavali Wishes everyone!

Anna Saalai – The life line of Chennai

Anna Salai

I know a lot of people who avoid this road in their travel across the city to avoid high traffic. But, I simply love this road for a few obvious reasons and a few ambiguous reasons. I couldnt imagine how many people are on this road at any given time. Cinema Theatres, Hotels, Car showrooms, Book Stores, Banks, Statues, Bridges, Service Lanes and So many many signals. LIC, Devi Theatre, Spencer Plaza, Higginbothams, The Great Fly-over and Anna Arivalayam all are different points on Anna Salai which are mutually famous.

This shot was taken from the Second floor of Tarapore Towers (Mathura Restaurant). Wonder why they have written “Theynaampettai Mazhai Neerai Semippom”. Why not other places :)

There is an Urban Legend (no.. not Kiruba and Chenthil stuff).. that says, if you are caught in One signal, you are sure to get caught in the subsequent ones. On the contrary, if you are through with the first one, there’s no stopping you till Guindy Signal. I have seen the proof many a times, on my bike. Pretty interesting.

Hmm.. Im only searching for the Ettu Vanna Vaanavil on Chennai Anna Saalai.. :)

The Crown – Ambience meets Food meets Night View

 Photo taken by Stephanie
When friends meet over food
as they usually do
and catch up
with vigour
on old times and new…

what better place to take them to

than one where Chennai’s night view looks picture perfect, where cool breeze, wrought iron furniture and a good menu provide the essential extras for excellent company.

what better place than The Crown.

Death of a beast

Watching a living, breathing and growing organism die is both weird and learning experience. Especially an animal you are very familiar with and have come to love. Especially watching it die, day in and day out.

Arranged around the four sides of the squarish Panagal Park, and spilling over into one of the three roads that begin here, is Chennai’s famed retail zone. Pondy Bazaar, Ranganthan Street, Panagal Park and shopping are synonymous words. Used interchangeably and justifiably so. From glass bangles to gold, from leather wallets to jackets, from Bhel Puri to Chocolate Mousse, from kerchiefs to 9 yard saris, T Nagar is the to-go place for shopping in Chennai. This then, is the beast I refer to.

A living, breathing beast. Crowded, hectic, teeming with people, always active, growing in size and stature by day.

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