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Naval Exercise at Chennai – 16/12/2007

Naval Exercise by Indian Navy took place at Chennai on December 16, 2007. I present some images shot during the exercise in this slide show

Naval Exercise

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(I could not get an image of the ships that passed through the Chennai Coast as there was a large turnout for the event and I could not go near the seashore)

New Year Geebies

New Year and safe fun

Bombay circa 1982. The new year was just 1 hour old when we staggered out of the restaurant having gorged on a huge Vadilal ice cream, as a fitting finale to an evening of dance, gin, wise cracks and the works. It was lovely weather and for some reason I kept humming Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head, while the guys went for Jethro Tull . A lone voice trembled on Beatles numbers as we walked around Marine Drive. A cop passing by asked if we were together and we sped him on with a slurry Happy New Year. But the guys made a close knot around us girls, protectively. Vaguely looked around to be sure all was well. The cop and the fresh air , sobered me up and I thought back to the previous year, when for the last time in my life as a bachelor girl I had gone with a few girl friends to a disco at CBE.

A roadside lecture on Thevar and a cup of tea

A garland of plastic rose-coloured flowers adorns the picture of Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar on the wall. If he had lived, Thevar would have been a hundred years old this year. The teashop where the picture hangs is run by a man, who wears a garland himself, but not of flowers. I do not know his name, but as I enter the shop, he is talking of Thevar. The tea master is probably a Thevar too going from his appearance.

Amidst a Hall of Gold

So, I’ve always wondered what the inside of a jewelry store was like. Nah, not the shopping-for-wedding kind of curiosity. There you’re pretty much bombarded by everything they’re trying to throw at you, or gawping so hard at bling so obviously out of your range (for me, that is), that there’s no time to take in anything else. What I mean is what goes on behind scenes, sort of. It isn’t to be expected that you, as a total stranger, will be shown the whole caboodle, but you can ask, right?

I decided that I’d ask the GRT Thangamaligai store people to let me have a peek inside their machinery. After about a dozen phone calls and rescheduling of appointments, it finally did happen. I met the big guys. On their own turf, so to speak.

Path of a Rebel Poet – Part II

Yes, yes, I know. You’re all quite ready to throw brickbats at me for not posting the second part of the …. don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what. Blame a prolonged sickness for my vanishing off the face of the Metblog radar. Anyway … here’s Part 2 of the Salma Chronicles.

Oy, where did I stop off? Ok, got it.

By the way, go here for Part 1.

Light House to Velachery in MRTS

After witnessing the Naval Exercise at Marina this evening, to take the train to Velachery I proceeded to the Light House Railway Station. The Railway Station looked like Chennai Central or Egmore. People were standing in long queue to get the tickets.

Light House Railway Station

The Chennai Photowalk (09/12/07) – The People

As CC started covering the places photowalked, I decided to cover the people we came across, which in some images include the people who photowalked.

The Second Chennai Photowalk

While we were waiting for others to join at the Fort St George Parking Lot, we found a number of teams playing Cricket. Most of those present appeared to be from Sowcarpet area. This image of one such team waiting for their turn to play.

Quintessential Chennaiites

Wanna Come.

My name is Krish Ashok, and I will be hurling all forms of nouns, verbs, adjectives, disjointed similes, questionable metaphors and thanni-illaa-kaadukku-transferred epithets at you, the Chennai Metblogs reader, from now. Why, you ask? Because I’ve been invited to hurl aforementioned items at unsuspecting readers of this blog. That is of course, reason #1. Reasons #2 through infinity go “I am strangely attached to this city, from the Kaiyendhi Bhavan outside Brilliant Tutorials to the strangely unreadable “Music Academy” lettering spelled using musical instruments that only partially resemble alphabets inside that venerable hall of Carnatic virtuosity and elitist pomposity. I love the fact that this city has 2 meteorological seasons – hot summer and lukewarm summer, two commercial seasons – pandigai (festival) shopping and thallupadi (discount) shopping, and 2 cultural seasons – The Carnatic season and The Rest of The Year.”

And it has some quintessential residents. And I don’t mean the celebrities like chess grandmasters, actors/actresses and music composers. I am talking about those people that every one in Chennai knows and yet, they are not celebrities in that sense of the word. They don’t live in palatial houses in Poes Garden or Besant Nagar and they are not on TV all the time or featured in The Hindu every other day. Here are three of them that come to mind.

1) P James
Legend has it there were 2 copies of the Rosetta stone. One in Egypt, found in 1799 during the Egyptian campaign of Napoleon. The other, unknown one is said to have been unearthed in Chennai, but was considered to be of no use because of some graffiti scribbed in black ink.


I have known P James from when his ubiquitous grafitti used to read “P James” followed by a 5 digit phone number. It then became 6 digits and eventually a mobile phone number. I have even had the opportunity to watch a show of his a long while back. He is not quite PC Sorcar, but a kindly old man who could impress the rare breed of kids who could still be impressed about anything, what with TV, video games and the internet changing the very definition of the term “childlike wonder”. But I am told he tried forming a company to promote his own brand of magic shows and that more or less ruined him financially.

2) Asana Andiappan
The yoga guru, with a name to match.
Asana Andiappan greets you with folded arms and a leg that seems to be conducting a conversation with his head after having twisted itself around his neck. He is rather famous and he even has a spiffy website!.

3) The Non-laughing dudes of Golden Beach
Many years ago, a cousin of mine came very close to making one of these gentlemen laugh, but at the very last moment, the man let out an aggressive grunt meant to scare my cousin and proceeded to walk off his pedestal while his replacement took his place. Apparently his shift had ended. Have any of you managed to make one of them laugh?

So readers, who else comes to mind?

The Chennai Photowalk – III

With Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan announcing The Second Chennai Photowalk on December 9, 2007, I thought its time to post the concluding part of the First Chennai Photowalk. (Earlier posts on The Chennai Photowalk figure in the Best of Metroblogging )


The Chennai Photowalk – II


As we came out of the Beach Railway Station, we had two options; one to walk along the Burma Bazaar or cross the Road and walk along many landmarks on the North Beach Road. We chose the second option , used the subway and surfaced in front of the Original Skyscraper of Chennai – TIAM House – Murugappa Group Headquarters, presently known as Jesus Calls Towers.

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