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House rents shoot through the roof

The big story in recent years always has been how difficult it is buy a house in the city anymore. Little mention is made of how rents have practically rendered many areas unlivable. I don’t think it is possible to live in many areas like Adyar, Besant Nagar and Alwarpet if you are not into IT. Or you are a millionaire-businessman.

Mylapore Festival – 2008

Mylapore Festival - 2008

Mylapore Festival, an annual event in Chennai in the month of January is sponsored by Sundaram Finance and organised by Mr Vincent D’Souza of Mylapore Times. This year the festival was celebrated from January 3rd to 6th, 2008

Naval Exercise at Chennai – 16/12/2007

Naval Exercise by Indian Navy took place at Chennai on December 16, 2007. I present some images shot during the exercise in this slide show

Naval Exercise

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(I could not get an image of the ships that passed through the Chennai Coast as there was a large turnout for the event and I could not go near the seashore)

Chennai under a blanket of fog

Chennai woke upto a thick blanket of fog today (23/12/2007)

Chennai under Fog

Taramani Road

Light House to Velachery in MRTS

After witnessing the Naval Exercise at Marina this evening, to take the train to Velachery I proceeded to the Light House Railway Station. The Railway Station looked like Chennai Central or Egmore. People were standing in long queue to get the tickets.

Light House Railway Station

The Chennai Photowalk – II


As we came out of the Beach Railway Station, we had two options; one to walk along the Burma Bazaar or cross the Road and walk along many landmarks on the North Beach Road. We chose the second option , used the subway and surfaced in front of the Original Skyscraper of Chennai – TIAM House – Murugappa Group Headquarters, presently known as Jesus Calls Towers.

All my homes, away from home

My first home in the city was Madras Christian College. On the day I was taken into Heber Hall, I was the only one who appeared, much to the embarrassment of my classmates, with a grandparent. One look at Room No. 206 and I fell in love with it. Life in MCC can be bohemian. My room had one chair, one table, one bed and one shelf. Sparse but neat. I tore up the posters someone had stuck on the windows and began my life away from home.

Tic Tac: A short note

Tic Tac is on Third Cross Road, Raja Annamalai Puram. I think it’s one of the biggest DVD/VCD rentals in the city. For those with the odd LP players, it also stocks those big laser disks. The Hollywood movies section is the biggest and includes movies dating back to the 1940s. Romantic comedies, thrillers, cartoons, the collection includes films of many genres. For example, the entire Bond collection is available on DVD.

So, there ‘is’ a plan after all!!!

I just stumbled across this site of CMDA. It seems, they do have a plan for Chennai and related development activities. I was really surprised to see that they have plans till 2026. Wow! I didn’t know India was that far-sighted. In the society around us we see so much confusion and chaos that we often lose track of the future. We see the *system* failing miserably at every instance of life here.

They are calling this plan – SECOND MASTER PLAN. The pessimist in me wonders what happened to the First Master Plan. Wonder if it was fully executed.

Vision 2026 is to make Chennai a prime metropolis which will be more livable, economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable and with better assets for the future generations.

Excerpt from the Introduction document


When I missed the 09.20 Train at Thiruvanmiyur Rly Station on 24.10.2007

View of North Beach Road,Chennai

I have a car which I don’t take to the office because of difficulty in getting a parking slot at II Line Beach, parking fee of Rs 20/- for full day and unduly long time taken due to heavy traffic.

I used to go by my TVS Victor to office, till I developed a back ache caused by driving about 35 kms per day.

I found a viable alternative to go to Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station by bike, park my vehicle there and take the MRTS Train to Beach. I found the journey comfortable and fast too. If I start at 9 AM , I will reach the office before 10 AM.

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