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Choosing Multimedia as a Career

Multimedia Career
Couple of students and friends have asked me where and which is the right place for a Multimedia course.

Honest opinion: It depends on the person who wants to learn, and needs great amount of time and effort.
Nothing is impossible, true. But working with passion is much more important, that is, you should love the work which you are currently doing or like to do in future.

The next question which comes to my mind is, Does the person know what multimedia is. If so, Are they quite interested in choosing that as their career.

I will explain more in detail, if you are parent/friend/mentor and you are likely to influence any one in the near future. Continue reading.

Map my Chennai

Okay, so we’ll compare this with the already have beens and still find reason to complain. But of course that is what we always do. So let’s not talk about the obvious. Let’s talk about MapmyIndia. Rather tacky yes. But workable. They must have got past all those demons who said providing directions in India is impossible; chaotic country, chaotic roads, you know.

Here is what I did – asked for directions from the Government Museum in Egmore to Ice House in Triplicane. And MapmyIndia did a very decent job – it gave me the text as well as the map with a nice blue line.

New Townships

The gray atmosphere threatens to burst any minute, as has become its habit over the past week. There were several years when the word rain just pointed to memories of past cyclones. After last year’s lashing, this year’s lashing, one hushes the word as if the mere mention of rain were enough to turn on the showers. Perhaps the most scary of its effects, that of water entering and flooding homes (not just last year, even this week several homes in low lying areas are flooded – the same friends of mine who scurried last year are already at it this year too), has dethroned the ground floor house from its top spot on the pedestal of living preference.

One hears of so many new townships these days (just look at the irony of the word township with that floating element tagged on to it) – I just hope that in addition to designing flyers that promise 24-hours water supply, empty words like ‘luxurious space’, they also indicate that the homes are suitably flood-proofed.

Irony and sarcasm aside, the newest township in the news is

A Road, A Walk

Yet another hot afternoon. Hot as in stuffy-hot. The busy signal stays busy. 90 seconds of waiting guaranteed at that junction no matter what time of day it is. I walk from that signal onto the road that leads to the heart of the city (as some like to call it). Various streets branch off from this arterial road. On my left I cross one of the many amman temples that dot the area. On my right I notice the neon board that will light up in a few hours to flash GLM Meridian. I walk on past the Thakkar Baba institute and the huge BP petrol station. Yet another junction stops me in my tracks.

Green. Yellow. Red. Man Green. Wait! Not your turn, says the rude cyclist who did not bother looking at colours. Reflexes always up, even when permitted to cross. What’s a red light against the workings of impatience? I cross the junction past the Gujarati Vidyalaya, where are the old buildings? Across sits Temple Trees. I think of Tilo. More accurately of her post on this road, In a stroke of genius, the guy who named the complex combined the two things which made that location special – she wrote in that post.

Olympia Park, Chennai

Olympia Park, Chennai
The Rs 240 crores Olympia Park is located at Guindy in 8.4 acres of land which once belonged to Eveready Industries Ltd. Olympia Park will have 1 million sq feet area. The project which started in 2004 is nearing completion.

Khivraj Tech Park Pvt Ltd, which owns the Olympia Technology Park, an information technology park in Chennai, has capitalised on the rising demand for incubation space. Two key requirements of IT and BPO companies are flexibility and scalability which are taken care by the incubation space provided by Khivraj.

15 year old Chandrasekaran pursuing M Tech at IIT, Madras

The latest issue of Ananda Vikatan carries a report on Mr Chandrasekaran, aged 15, pursuing M Tech at IIT, Madras. Chandrasekaran, hailing from Tirunelveli , has become the youngest person to pursue M Tech at IIT, Madras.Chandrasekaran had bagged the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certificate when he was just 10 and recieved a Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate an year later.He completed his schooling at the age of 12, did his BCA at Kalasalingam College of Engineering at Sri Villiputhur. He scored 99.32 % in the Aptitude Test for M Tech course and gained entry to IIT Madras.

(with inputs from Ananda Vikatan and web reports)

Follow-up to “Zoho Puts Chennai on the Web 2.0 Map”

Sometime during the start of this month, the blogosphere woke up to something that’s been around for a while: Zoho. Working with Zoho for a while, I was naturally delighted, but it also meant that it was about-time for a long intended post.

Disclaimer: Not an endorsment or an advertisment. Just an insider’s blogpost, sort of follow up for putting Chennai in the Web 2.0 map.

Chennai and its Linux Users


As per this user-maintained site, Tamil Nadu has the third largest number of Linux users in the country. ChennaiLUG, hence, definitely is worth a “Kudos”.

For Free-Software enthusiasts, ChennaiLUG website is of great help. They have several tutorials (written in Thamizh and English) on GNU/Linux OS for beginners. They have a wiki on whom to contact for borrowing (grabbing) Linux Distribution CDs – the likes of Knoppix (wish I’d known of this site a while ago), Gnoppix, Red Hat – classified location wise. They do seem to meet and discuss on what they call, “a talk or two of fairly technical nature”. Fear not to use Linux. Help is always around.

P.S. I am currently juggling between Knoppix and Windows XP.

Bang, Bang, Head, Head


iPods as a Training Tool

Cognizant Technology Solutions gave away 18,000 iPods to its employees to celebrate its crossing $ 1 billion run rate in the December 2005 quarter. The iPod was a fifth generation 30Gb Apple iPod which could pack close to 75 hours of video,7500 songs and 12,500 photos. The company has now started using these iPods for training.

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