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When I missed the 09.20 Train at Thiruvanmiyur Rly Station on 24.10.2007

View of North Beach Road,Chennai

I have a car which I don’t take to the office because of difficulty in getting a parking slot at II Line Beach, parking fee of Rs 20/- for full day and unduly long time taken due to heavy traffic.

I used to go by my TVS Victor to office, till I developed a back ache caused by driving about 35 kms per day.

I found a viable alternative to go to Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station by bike, park my vehicle there and take the MRTS Train to Beach. I found the journey comfortable and fast too. If I start at 9 AM , I will reach the office before 10 AM.

Shocked me – Photo of this week

This evening, while I was coming back home I saw this SUV from a distance, with some one’s hand just propping out, as if it sounded for help. It was shock for me, then realized, that it was sticker. Sorry about the photo quality, my mobile camera doesn’t give good results in low light.
Felt like sharing this photo with you all, and thought it could be a good idea for all creative minds like you to stick some crazy, wacky or jaw dropping stickers to get attention.

There are good things about these stickers, I saw another car with a huge dent on the back and the sticker complimented the car, the stickers resembled like bullet showered on the car. Believe me this guy was bit lucky, he didn’t waste money on the metallic paint for repainting.

IT Corridor, Chennai

IT Corridor

IT Corridor at Chennai is taking shape slowly and steadily. The stretch from Madhya Kailash to SRP Tools is almost complete. Traffic moves fast in the IT corridor either to stagnate at the Adyar end or near the Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station end. Traffic was light this morning being a Sunday. Here are some images of the IT corridor shot today

Remembering Singaram

Remembering Singaram

Singaram was the MRTS caretaker ( contractor) at the Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station Vehicle Park.

Funny Photo of the Week

Memories of Madras Week

Took me a while to get my thoughts in order about all the events I had attended/heard about, and give a precis of what exactly happened during Madras Week 2007. Most events were interesting, some were repeats, while a few were outstanding. Be warned, you’re in for a long post.


In the beginning, it was a gathering of a few like-minded friends who cared a great deal about the city. Then, it grew to a series of meetings. More came to know of what transpired during these sessions, and signaled their interest to join. In 2006, it exploded into existence as one of the most happening occasions – and now it is the premier event of Chennai, eclipsing all else in August to the point of exclusion, with more than 60 events happening all over the city, put together by a number of organizations and Chennai-lovers. Le Madras Week, 2007.

High Beam or no Light

Well seems like the auto drivers understand a lot of chennaiites problem during night travel.
These photos where taken on different dates. Sorry about the clarity as they where taken in night.

Aadi Celebrations – Road block

Yesterday evening I was coming back to home and I avoid the busy main stream 100 feet road (Kathipara – Padi). So I take some of the parallel roads of 100 feet road from the Ashok pillar till the Vadapalani (the next cross, I don’t remember the name of the place).

I guess yesterday was an auspicious day, the road in which I was traveling had a temple, which was celebrating Aadi pooja. So there were cops and lots of commuters. While the cops instructing the commuters that the road was closed.

Believe me I had to take a complete U turn and go straight back up to Shruti musicals because Vadapalani junction doesn’t allow you to take a right turn. The sorry state was that, “I took my car”.

It took another one and hour for me to reach the same point where I took the U turn ( I meant the parallel road)

My question is Why should the roads be blocked because of public functions?
Let it be temple functions to political rallies, Why should the roads be blocked, and who gives the permission for all of these.
I usually see the political rallies in Saidapet, the road gets completely blocked.

What do you do when waiting at Chennai Signals ?

With increasing vehicle population at Chennai, it is a long wait at the Chennai Traffic Signals. What do you do when you are in such a situation ? When I have camera with me, I take photos. I present few images shot at the Chennai Signals

Mass  Rapid Transport System

At Poonamalle High Road on a Sunday Morning two weeks back

Don’t glare at me – Please

This photo was taken in a parking lot, I have not taken photos of motorcycles. I was just thinking how come the Government gave a green signal for the clear lamps.

So cars had the black dots, which were vandalized. I guess the servicing/mechanic guys wanted to show off that they did a clean job.

Most of the time dim dip doesn’t help. Any thoughts? Welcome

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