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Chalta Hai and Cream Center

The omnipresent attitude across India and the often cited blame for India’s poor state of affairs is its ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude. Now even restaurants seem to have imbibed the attitude, especially after the concept of dining emerged. Now one dines at a restaurant, one does not go there for just the food. When it was the latter the emphasis was on the food, now its more on ambience and atmosphere.

So, there ‘is’ a plan after all!!!

I just stumbled across this site of CMDA. It seems, they do have a plan for Chennai and related development activities. I was really surprised to see that they have plans till 2026. Wow! I didn’t know India was that far-sighted. In the society around us we see so much confusion and chaos that we often lose track of the future. We see the *system* failing miserably at every instance of life here.

They are calling this plan – SECOND MASTER PLAN. The pessimist in me wonders what happened to the First Master Plan. Wonder if it was fully executed.

Vision 2026 is to make Chennai a prime metropolis which will be more livable, economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable and with better assets for the future generations.

Excerpt from the Introduction document


Madras Unlimited – Vengeeswaram, Puliyur and Kodambakkam

The Pallavas, ruling from Kanceepuram, built in this little neck of the woods (their hinterland, really) a few temples that have, somehow, managed to live on and even grow. One such temple is the Vengeeswaram (வேங்கீஸ்வரம்) in Kodambakkam. The temple derives its name from Vengeeswarar (வேங்கீஸ்வரர்) – The lord of the tigers. As most temples in those days were, this too had the Sivalingam as its presiding deity.

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