Bharathi, the Mahakavi

Today we remember the great Mahakavi on his 87th death anniversary and pay tributes for the freedom fighter.

the above is a collage of his home where he lived in triplicane & the plaque installed by the TN govt.

Check out more about Bharathi and his works here in the site hosted by the TN Govt.

Comedy Thirai

Yes, Suntv is coming up with a 24hr channel for tamil comedy explicitly. When Kalaingar TV was started there was lot’s of disputes and media war like airing the latest tamil flicks on weekends and festival occasions. Now, having lost the battle to Kalaingar TV, Suntv has started airing this kind of channel.

They have been showcasing most (almost all) of the comedies scenes during late hours for a quite long time.
It was called “comedy time”. This program was a huge success in Surya TV than Sun but as they are all are one group they started the copy cat methodology to bring it a success in Tamil but no use!. They didn’t perform or market their program so they lost their TRP.

But will this be a big click or flop depends on you(people). The channel takes it’s first steps on Sep 8th onwards. Let us wait and watch how it strives the media war and continue to bring up their TRP(Television Rating Point).

Lesser known food joints in Chennai – Mithai Mandir

When your wallet dons you, and yet you want to don your taste buds, then the right place for you would be – “Mithai Mandir”

Located near the Vadapalani temple, this place is easy to find. Looking at it from outside, it would not really impress you.

Mithai Mandir Entrance

Mithai Mandir Entrance

Enter the place and it’s a small restaurant, which has 2 floors. The ground floor can seat 24 people while the 1st floor can seat about 36 people. The entire restaurant is Air conditioned. The smell of traditional Rajasthani cuisines soon starts to tickle your nostrils once you start ordering your food, making you all the more hungry. The service is reasonably quick here.

Dhokla is one of best we can find in Chennai. I still don’t know how they manage to make such soft dhoklas. They also have a big Kachori’s, which is certainly BIG! (Way bigger than you normally can imagine a kachori to be)

The restaurant which specializes in Rajasthani and Gujarathi food, serve authentic thalis for Rs.55 and Rs.65 respectively. They also have Chaat items, 12 varieties of sweets, Combo meals, rice variety, Raithas and a wonderful variety of stuffed parathas. The Cheese Paneer paratha is a must try. For the Oh-I-am-Diet-conscious or Oh-gosh-not-that-oily-stuff people, you can try their wonderful phulkas, and I can bet you cannot find one as soft as these along with their dal to go.

And finally their desserts – mm you should try the Badam Milk. Oh my!! Just like a Good ‘ol wine to a palatable dinner. Or maybe even the Malai lassi.

They also have variety of snacks and namkeen, and while you leave – you can choose and pack some traditionally made khakhras, which is a must buy here.

Snack Counter

Snack Counter

Mithai Mandir is located at 17, Palani Andavar Koil Street, Vadapalani and is a place one must visit to taste the traditional Gujarathi or Rajasthani food.

Oye Guru!! What are you waiting for …??? Go there sometime and do some real hogging!

Special thanks to Harish, one of my friends who agreed to review this restaurant, happens to be a great fan of this place and is the one who introduced me to Mithai Mandir a few years back and since then we religiously go to this restaurant minimum twice a month.

Trivia – The owner of Mansukh (T.Nagar) and this place are related to each other.

Major fire in Saravana Stores, Ranganathan Street, T.nagar

Sep 1st was good to many as salary got credited and it’s a day when everyone who get’s paid for their hard end money. But things din’t go well for T.Nagar giant “Saravana Stores”. This morning was usal business for Ranganathan St but then suddenly people and workers in Saravana stores started screaming and running for the lives at 9.00AM as there was a major fire break inside the store.  Fire service was informed immediately and swiftly make it to the begning of the steet. They could not enter the street as it was too narro and top of it the newly constructed bridge has been a major barricate and restricted the movemts inside the street. Some saw that there are three people struck inside the building and they are trying to get them out. This horrifying incident is captures live in media channels like Jaya and Sun and shown live.

I saw the news scroll in Jaya tv at 9.00Am today and also huge gusted flames to a height of 100 ft on air. Which everyone who are around 1-4 kms away can see. I saw the dark smoke on my way to office at Saidapet bridge. I couldn’t take any pics as there was huge traffic.  One of my uncle is working for Metro waters near T.nagar and he was asked to supply 10-12 lorries of water tanker lorries for rescue. Since there are lots of plastic stuff inside the shop it’s been heard that the fire is caught on other shops aswell. I hope everybody makes their way safe and sound and there shouldn’t be casualities. As of now, the cause for the fire is a short circuit on the switches.

FYi, I heard that after the departure of the legendry owner there are lots of disputed in the family and they have split.

Latest: It is been told that nearly 20 people have got trapped inside the building

Lesser known food joints in Chennai

There are a few local food-joints in our neighborhood which most of us swear by for the taste of their food and their specialties. We hang out at these places with close pals and don’t mind if it does not have fancy sofas or music playing in the background. The one place you can bank on when you return from work at late in the night. But sadly not everyone in Chennai knows about these places.

This column will talk about such food joints, their location and of course their specialties. We will also try to get some comments from their regulars and owners.

I have got some amazing food reviewers; ok not exactly that, but foodies who have agreed to share their valuable inputs on this topic

Arpita, is a dynamic young advocate and a foodie to the core, Hash a software professional who is more passionate about the taste of his food than the quality of his code [ok I see him raising his eyebrows] and Prasad who is just a food lover and can travel 20 kms simply to have something to eat in a not so famous food joint but known for its good food!

We will bring you as much as reviews and details about these lesser known food joints which are known in their locality for good food and cannot compete with the likes of The Residency, Meridians, the Hilton or the Park for the ambience but can give a run for the money on the taste.

Matta in Ashok Nagar and Mithai Mandir at Vadapalani will be the first ones in my next post.

ps – You can also mention about any food joint you know in your area. Do email me about them.

Please don’t drive fast behind an ambulance!

We see/hear atleast thrice in two days an ambulance siren and also the vehicle trying to flee through the busy roads and traffic. And being in Chennai, where traffic is mounting day by day and having 10lakh vehicles per day would be very difficult for the ambulance to passby.

The ambulance driver will find the best way to pass through the roads in the same time he has many lives in his hand, his own, people on road and also patient in ambulance. Since there is no seperate way or route for the ambulance to pass through we try to hornk and make people to give way for ambulance. What best we can do from our side when we have the ambulance behind is just move in a way where the vehicle can cut through the traffic and move faster. But our chennai people! wow! heights of stupidity! Most of the bikers and cyclist and even cars! sometime run behind the ambulance and aheading to the destination faster!. Running behind the ambulance might be of great risk. What if the driver puts a break when he cannot find a way or he has to make a sudden turn. He can be cautious while driving but not the people who are following the ambulance from behind to reach faster at their destination.

I happend to see similar accident this morining at saidapet corner. You can imagine how busy that road would be and how the traffic would flow in peak hour morning times.

If Chennai is really reading/seeing and listening to this issue/concern. Pl keep in mind that there is a life in do or die situation and we have to pray or  make way to make him reach the hospital at the earliest.

We might also join hands to print notice or public message to make this a success.

Chennai Restaurant’s review

Was thinking of starting a review about hotels in Chennai which i have visited until now, till i stumbled on this Orkut forum called Chennai Food guide – It is a treasure trove of food and restaurant’s review in Chennai. Go ahead and join the forum.

By the way – Crown at the Residency Towers has got a good view of Chennai, I liked the restaurant except for the high priced buffet.


I’d hoped that somebody had already written about Chennai’s 369th birthday on 22nd August.

Read more here

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Bridge over river adyar, Circa 1726

Hunc Pontem Peter aka Petras Uscan, the armenian trader is the visionary who built the Marmalong aka Maraimalai Adigal bridge over River Adyaru in Saidapet in 1726. He was the same Armenian trader who built the steps for St. Thomas Mount shrine too.

The Stone in the bridge announcing this piece of history shown below.

Happy Madras / Chennai day and have a blast on the 369th birthday.

Chennai & Independence Movement – an Exhibition

Madras Day, which is being celebrated from 2004, has been revamped as “Madras Week” this year. Its going to be a week long celebrations starting from August 17 to August 24th

Checkout the events @

One such event which is based on the celebrations is “Chennai & Independence Movement – an Exhibition”, organized by “Roja Muthiah Research Library Trust” and “Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation”


Exhibition is open to all…

Enterprise … the roadside

An array of soft dolls, toys on display on the car backs at Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar. All display and sales happen on the roadside and the display changes in an instant when the parked vehicle leaves to the next car.

888888 – Did you do your bit?

Well, I did my bit – Passed on the message to one and all i know in Chennai, my Company switched off the Lights and power for the 8 minutes, and so did all my apartment people.

Most of the major IT companies like Infosys and Sify too had taken part in this and so did our Raj Bhavan.

I was really happy that my Company took this cause in a very enthusiastic way, by sending mails to the associates on the importance of this, right from the start of this week to the company hotline calling all the employees in their mobile phones informing them to shutdown the computers by 8pm.

Finally at sharp 8pm on August 8th for 8 minutes, the whole power to the Office was switched off.

Fella Chennaite, Share with us your bit, what your company or you did for 888888?

For those who supported this cause, a “thank you” from the bottom of my Heart!

I think we did create “awareness on the message on Global warming”. Let’s march towards a greener Earth.

A bit of history ……

Though this was not a favourite subject of mine during my school days, the interest on Chennai aka Madras’s history is high and continuing.

Came across this sign board which traces the history about a particular shrine, hillock in Chennai.

History Board

Yes, its about St.Thomas Mount.

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Is that a quick number for pizza or buying Kuselan’s movie ticket!.
Well, its a campaign that has been started in Chennai to arrest global warming.

hmm.. what is this “Global Warming

So what can we do as Chennaite? we cannot go to places or visit people to talk or explain about global warming. But, being at our home we can spread the message by turning off all our lights on August 8th at 8pm for 8 minutes. Similar practice was followed in Sydney, London, mumbai and now its our turn to create a awareness  that we spread the message on global warming.  I even signed for the “earth day” on Mar29th this year and supported the event by switch of my light’s for an hour. Next earth day is on March28th 2009 at 8.30PM.

There’s a clear and present danager out there and we must join our hands to support this “88888” by being a part of it., most people would or might not have heard about this website.

Started in 2007 this website has the list of favourite shows happening in Chennai. We can look for upcoming movies, drama’s, musical shows and even sports. For now, these people have tie up only with Abirami theatre but they are bound to expand. Couple of months back i booked a musical event show of mastero online and they were kind enough to give me an option of collecting the tickets at the enterance or mailing the tickets, i choose the second option and i would say they had good customer service as they called me the next day to get feedback on their service.

All though we are in Chennai we hardly come to know about the events, drama’s and musical fest happening in the city so I find this website more interesting to register and book online and have a unlimited fun and enjoyment. Have a sneak peak asap!

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