Indian Digestive Liquid

Every day after lunch, we(me and my colleague) go for drinking more (moru or buttermilk) in the office building. There is an aavin stall where we buy a packet each and take a small walk around the building till the packet gets over.

Aavin more, tastes differently every day, like the mood of the day. Some times its sour, some times spicy and at time a bit sweet too. Theres a big crowd there and the vendor manages every one skillfully. aavin More is specially flavoured with ginger,greens and chilly. When taken chill, in this hot summer, it makes you feel that you attained some thing after hard work.(though you just paid him and got the pack). so next time you want a drink, give a try to aavin more.

Some time back, during my mid-noon more, i happenned to see this westerner along with her indian colleague next to this shop. She held the packet carefully which was cut in a corner for drinking. she took a sip of the more. She had to drink just because this guy was drinking or may be she wanted out to try out. After two sips, she turned to him (he had already thrown out the pack by this time…one big slurrrrrppp) and asked What is this ?.

the guy didnt expect a question from her.he looked helpless and trying to run a search engine in his head to give her an answer. Then he quipped, its called “Moru”. she repeated “Moru” “moru”. Before she could say for the third time, this guy stopped her and gave an explanation of moru. I was too curious listening that. This guys face brightly lit up, he said, its “the Indian Digestive Liquid”. I couldnt controll my laughter, had to turn the other side so that they didnt notice. Just wondering how some one comes up with an definition of moru. She repeated “Indian digestive liquid”.

Within few minutes her friend came up to whom the same pack of “moru” was offered. She rejected initially and upon persuasion had a sip followed by the question: What is this? The same guy gave a reply, Its Indian Yoghurt .
Yoghurt ??? But its spicy, was her comment. This guy said, yes its an spicy indian yoghurt.

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  1. Keerthivasan (unregistered) on April 4th, 2006 @ 6:27 pm

    There are 2 places i like Buttermilk. The juice shop opposite to Kabali temple’s tank. And the other one is on the Jet Airways.. amazing taste.. slrupp !

  2. Sowmya (unregistered) on April 4th, 2006 @ 8:32 pm

    lactobacillus acidophilus – which is present in thayir, moru does help in a lot of digestive disorders. ‘Indian Digestive Liquid’ sounds yucky but there is some truth in it. Neer more on Jet airways is heavenly!

  3. SamY (unregistered) on April 5th, 2006 @ 12:27 am

    well thats the speciality of Indian food man

    that y chutney is always paired after an oily diet (apart from idly)

    but the guys was ;) … ha ha Spicy Yoghurt … guess they r only used to Yoghurt in all snazy flavours #-o

  4. ram (unregistered) on April 5th, 2006 @ 11:36 am

    @Keerthi : Will try at the juice shop opp to kabali.
    But cant fly in jet, for the moru.

    @sowmya : thanks for lactobacillus acidophilus info. yes, now we are used to call it as IDL.

    @samy: you might be right on yoghurt.

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