Hamsadhwani’s 150th Drama and Music festival draws to a close today. Unnikrishnan, the Carnatic vocalist is performing in the evening.

Hamsadhwani is located at

2, 8th lane
Adyar 600 020

Email: hamsadhwani@vsnl.net

My mother and I managed to catch Crazy Mohan’s Jurassic Baby and Y.G. Mahendra’s Tantramukhi. While Crazy Mohan’s troupe arrived almost half-an-hour late, they made up for it by their hilarious performance. The sense of timing and voice modulation were well observed, which should not be a surprise coming from a bunch of seasoned professionals.

The audiences were ardent Crazy Mohan fans and the drama kept them in splits. What was more pleasing to note were the three generations of family members who had come to enjoy the performance. Given that television programmes have nothing good to offer these days, I was not surprised.

The drama began at 7.15 pm and wound up by 9pm sharp.

On the other hand, Y.G.Mahendra’s Tantramukhi was a terrible boring and absolutely disappointing.

There was a long, winding but enjoyable speech by Mrs.Y.G.P and a little trumpet blowing by Y.G himself about the origins of his drama troupe. It happens that his troupe is probably the only one of its kind in India that has been performing continuously since 1953. In addition to this, he also emphasized that his mother scrutinized his drama scripts before it reached the audience. While I was prepared for a wry sacrcastic Y.G humour, the lack of quality and absurd script had taken me by shock.

The artistes were literally screaming with their microphones attached to their clothes. I guess they forgot that these were not olden days where a large audience could be reached only by a loud throat. I headed home with a horrible headache rather than the pleasant memories I had experienced days ago with Jurassic Baby.

And one question really bothers me to this day: What was Y.G. thinking?

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