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Hyderabad goes Met

Bombay, Madras, Bangalore. It’s now Nizam city’s turn. Welcome Hyderabad to the metroblogging network – the fourth Indian city to go Metro.

Karuthu Reservation Debate


For those who cant read Tamil

Karuthu and Tamil Maiyam
are having a panel discussion on reservations on the 31st of May 2006 at 17.30 hrs.

Location: Montfort Indoor Playground, Santhome High School Mylapore, Chennai 4


Mr Thirumavallavan, leader of the Dalit Panthers Party (expect a pro reservation view from him)
Mr Peter Alphonse – MLA TN Assembly, Congress (once again a pro reservation speaker)
Mr M. AnathKrishnan – former Vice Chancellor Anna University (having been a part of the education system and having worked with the system, his perspectives on reservation promise to be interesting)
Mr Ravikumar – Writer and MLA of the TN Assembly (Im not sure of his stand on the issue)

Mr Karthi P Chidambram and Ms Kanimozhi, Organisers of the forum.

From the list of speakers, it seems that the pro reservation voice is stronger, and rightfully so. The anti reservation lobby has made its point and had its voice heard through the media, and blogs. It might be interesting to hear what the pro reservation lobby has to say, especially dalit activists like Mr Tirumavallavan.

The Kirk: Georgian landmark restored!

For a year and a half or so, the congregation of St Andrew’s church, fondly referred to as the ‘Kirk’, have been restoring the building, its interiors, exterior and pipe organ to its original condition. Most of the work is now done, and the Kirk looks lovely, with its true beauty brought out by its finish. Here’s a view of the church from the drive as you enter the gates:


Nehru’s India

Nehru's India The statue of Jawaharlal Nehru that used to be the centrepiece of the Kathipara roundabout in Chennai, lies neglected and among construction material, huts and the like. His little artificial island of green gave way to a new Clover leaf-flyover being built to ease traffic congestion in the city.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this picture of Nehru seems very fitting.

The Fine art of writing a sign-board


(Photo Courtesy:This set)

Ever spotted misspellings in the sign-boards of Chennai?


‘Fragrances that make heads turn” says the Shoppers Stop hoarding at Chetpet. Whats the big deal you may ask. This hoarding is placed right next to the cooum river :) Do they intend to say that their perfumes are stronger, so that you forget the cooum stink?
Hope they are not selling charlie ;-)

Mylapore Festival – January 2006

What began as a Kolam contest some 10 years back is now “Mylapore Festival” sponsored by Sundaram Finance. In January 2006, Mylapore Festival took place from January 5 to 8, 2006.

Mylapore Festival

This giant kite made out of cloth welcomes you near the Raasi Silks

ACMEE 2006, Trade Centre Events

Near the Ambattur Industrial Estate, there have been huge banners, for a few months now, saying AIEMA is organizing ACMEE 2006. Acronyms do not register clearly in my thick head unless I notice dates and probe further. Well, ACMEE is basically Automobiles, Computers, Machinery, Electricals and Electronics and AIEMA is Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers’ Association. As this report explains

To provide a thrust to auto-components industry in South India, the Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers’ Association (AIEMA) will be organising Automoblies, Computers, Machinery, Electricals and Electronics (ACMEE) 2006, an industrial exhibition of car and truck manufacturers and their suppliers, at Chennai Trade Centre on 9-12 June with focus on sourcing ancillaries for the OEMs (original equipment makers).This show on auto-components would open up a platform for component manufacturers and various sourcing teams of global manufacturers to interact closely among them along with the industrial exhibition, ACMEE.

Already 35 per cent of auto-components for the domestic market were being produced in Chennai, which has earned the title of ‘Detroit of India’.

So at the Trade Centre (which is perpetually hosting something), June 9-12 might throw up interesting prospects given that the focus this time is on (what else!) outsourcing.

Egmore station: then and now….

I vividly remember Egmore Station in the late sixties and early seventies when we used to go there every summer to take the Pandian Express to Kodi Road Station enroute to Kodi for the summer. The taxi ride to the station in the heat and dust. The bustle and clamour on arrival. The porters who would descend on us.

Then the quick allocation of responsibilities by my father. One of us would keep pace with the porters, while another would race ahead to locate the compartment and berths. Entering the portico through the crowds, and finding your way through the cavernous entry hall, past snaking lines waiting for platform tickets, or for reservations to distant stations.

Kosmix: A next generation Search Engine

The search engine Kosmix is different. How? And why is a Search Engine featured in Chennai Metroblog?

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