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Benjarong, Thai Restaurant, TTK Road

Benjarong is the leading Thai Restaurant in Chennai. No questions about that (as far as I am concerned :-)). The focus in Benjarong is on fine dining. So along with great food, you have soothing music, un obstrusive lighting and spacious interiors. Naturally it attracts good crowd and it is advisable to reserve your table before you go there.

J.A.Prufrock on Madras

J. Alfred Prufrock was in Chennai – nee – Madras not very long back and describes the city. I shall take the liberty to quote him here, seeing as how this is the Chennai Metroblog.

On the way back I stopped for a kaapi at a hole-in-the-wall. Right next to another glass-front (blue on brown. Jesus wept!), the Hotel Manhattan. Complete with the “Brooklyn Coffee Bar and Diner”. Next door, four men sat on newspapers spread across the pavement. They weren’t playing cards or even talking, just sitting there watching the morning. Or perhaps they were waiting for somebody. I got good coffee, service with a smile and free advice on whether to take an auto back to the hotel (now that the sun is up). Come to think of it, everybody who’s been of service to me in Chennai has smiled. Wide, brilliant smiles. I’m beginning to like Chennai.

Three cheers then, for Chennai.

Projects for Chennai

With the DMK back at the helm of things, its widely expected that a lot of noise regarding the development of Chennai will be made, right noises if I might say so, as opposed to the ADMK’s style of not creating any fuss, but just acting. During the last 5 years, development projects would happen, and not much noise would be made about them. News would spread of such projects much after they have been initiated and work has begun. With the DMK, the exact opposite seems to happen, a lot of publicity is created, but work usually proceeds at a snails pace, the best example of this is the MRTS plan, which even 10 years after it was initiated it remains to be completed.

DMK in its typical style has announced (via The Hindu) that a desalination plant for Chennai, the development of satellite suburbs and the metro rail project. I wonder what will happen to the MRTS project now that the Metro Rail is being developed. Would it just left idle? a total waste of the money invested in the project so far then. And I hope these projects would be completed, and not the just started.

The Lady will Return

When the old order became the new order, this is something everyone knew would happen. Sooner than later.

Early Morning Walks

Chennai, like many other citiies, doesn’t have much of walking space. Here I will list a few spots that are walker’s paradise (yes, it is an exaggeration).

1. The Parks – Dr. Natesan Park in Venkatnarayana Road, Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore, Independence Day Park in Nungambakkam (next to Valluvar Kottam), Panagal Park (yes, there is a park, and some intrepid souls do walk in the early hours of the morning)

Mini Flyovers in Chennai

With the DMK back in power, and Stalin holding the Local Administration portfolio, it expected that the Perambur mini-flyover will get a fresh lease of life. All construction had stopped once the ADMK came to power in 2001.

Between 1996 and 2001, the DMK government, when Stalin was the Mayor of Chennai, he built 11 or 12 mini flyovers. It was rumoured that most were build largely because Bombay had its share, and Chennai shouldn’t be left far behind.

Water Scarcity and Water Meters

Water supply situation has eased in Chennai, thanks to the unprecedented rains during last quarter of calendar 2005. Water shortage can surface any time. Our experience of installing water meters may be of help to Chennai residents. Hence this posting.

I stay in an apartment complex in Velachery, where there are 35 apartments. We have an open well. We have 2 borewells with a depth of 180 to 200 ft. Water from both the borewell are not potable.

Anti Reservation

If you think your Caste should get you a seat, Ignore this. But if you think your Marks should get you a seat, then First take your seat here*.

DATE : 25th MAY 2006 Thursday
TIME : 4-6 PM
PLACE: Government Guest House, Wallajah Road.

Permission has been granted by the police. (Not sure who is organizing this. Let me know if you do !)

* Note : Its your own will and wish to participate.

Plus 2 and Minus Performance

Tamilnadu Higher Secondary Exam results have just come out, and as usual every single person is worried. Thats just a formality anyway. The overall performance of the sudents have come down. The school I studied in has shown a downfall in terms of number of centums, and the news media states the same elsewhere.

17 students scored 200 in physics compared to 1131 centums last year. Whoa ! Thats something wierd.

What are the implications ? Either the previous year students, because they had the same syllabus, were able to make out what would be asked in the Question papers, and made their preparations accordingly. Or the Current year students werent prepared well for the current Syllabus. Blame it on the teachers who infact struggled a lot this year. Well, who ever did the mistake, its only the students who carry the worries.

The Heat wave is on, and students have a tabulation with just the TNPCEE marks left blank in the equation. That would be complete next week, and the hunt for the colleges will begin.

Just a suggestion… If you come across a worrying kid, please give him some consolation and hope. They are having Hell at Home already !

News about the Toppers here.

The Life-Giving Restaurant

Indeed, a life-giving restaurant must be either hype or a lazy writer’s excuse for failing to think of a better title. In this case, neither of those reasons – ‘life-giving’ merely being the literal translation of ‘Sanjeevanam’, which is not just a restaurant but a one-stop place for Ayurveda treatment, stress-relief massages, and Hatha Yoga.

If you are like me, you will probably roll your eyes at the mention of a health food restaurant that serves a four course meal. However, one visit to Sanjeevanam’s restaurant will convince you that natural food has such a healthy taste to it. And as the well-informed guide answers your questions about each dish, you might even start to nod in appreciation.

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