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Football at Nelson Court, Chennai

So far I have not tried Video, thinking that I need a Video Camera to shoot one. After seeing Keerthivasan’s short video on Stunt Party, I was tempted to make a video in my Nikon 4300. While proceeding to Nelson Manickam Road to visit a friend Rajkumar, from Velachery via T Nagar, I shot some at T Nagar which will be released in August. After lunch when i looked down from the balcony, I saw some kids playing football with a lone spectator, the pet dog sitting comfortably in the chair and the other one being myself from the balcony. Camera was handy and I captured the Football being played at Nelson Court for posting in Metroblogging Chennai.

July on Chennai Metroblogging

2006 July. It’s been a great month for all of us at Chennai metroblogging. And hopefully, for all of you too, readers and stayers-on.
Just so you do not miss any of the posts this month (at last count, we’ve posted 255 posts during July – way more than we thought we could manage.) here’s a small round up. So sit back, grab that cup of filter kaapi, switch off the mobile and read on.

The platform kadais & shops of Luz Corner

If Pondy Bazaar and T Nagar were synonymous with Sarees and Jewellery then Luz Corner is with its road-side shops. So much so that they occupy so much space that result in pedestrians walking on the road. These small shops sell everything from footwear to cosmetics to shirts to plastic novelty items. Come rain or shine these shops are right there braving all odds. Obviously you do not get branded stuff but what you get here is worth every penny. Shopping here and bargaining is in itself a pleasure. If you are looking for something better in terms of quality, all you have to do is step into one of the stores. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but the stores are funnily named, ‘Crores & Crores’, ‘Lakhs & Lakhs’, Millions & Millions’ & ‘Trillions & Trillions’. But, with the advent of big format retail stores like Saravana, Rathna Stores these shops are losing out and soon might be history. Just like ‘Petaling Jeya Street’ of Kuala Lumpur or a ‘Fashion Street’ in Mumbai these must be preserved as they are an integral part of the city.

India’s First RFID Manufacturing Facility in Chennai

Gemini Traze RFID Pvt. Ltd., will be setting up India’ s first RFID tag manufacturing facility at the Seriperumbudur electronic park in Chennai, with an investment of $2.5 million.

The plant is expected to be operational in October 2006. Currently, there are a lot of overheads with duty and import, which is 40 percent additional cost on duties levied. Indigenous manufacturing would rid it of the additional cost, sAys Venkat, business head, Gemini Traze RFID.

4-yr-old takes to drivers seat

“Studying in lower Kinder Garden in southern Chennai, the child has taken a fascination for driving at the age of three and half years, claims his father.

With four hours of training everyday, Keethresh can today drive at a speed of 70 kilometres per hour (43.5 miles per hour) and can continuously drive for 32 kilometres (approximately 20), adds his father. ”

Uh oh! Sounds dangerous to me! More on this here.

Governor James Macrae 1725-1730

It all started with a comment in CCG’s blog. Joyce Baker commented saying that they were renovating a monumet to one James Macrae who was Governor of Madras and would like to know more about his stay in Madras.

That set me on a google search, and what I came up was the fascinating story of James Macrae. Son of a washerwoman, fatherless at the age of 5, put in jail for stealing apples, ran away from home to become a sailor, fought with Pirates, rewarded with Governorship of Madras Presidency.

Where in Chennai

would you find the street name “Kabali Nagar, Mayandi Colony”?

(No historical significance, more of a fun question. And for Non Tamils – Kabali and Mayandi were common names used for henchmen in 1960s and 70s Tamil movies)

The legend of Aadi Masam & the sale connection

I honestly didn’t know what is with Aadi Masam (the period between July 15-Aug 15) and the sale across retail stores in Chennai till I started thinking about it. What I knew was the fact that the Aadi Sale was pioneered by Pothy’s in Tirunelveli and Srivilliputthur districts. When I spoke to a couple of people, as to why this Aadi month sale, they say that no new purchases / ventures are got into this month and this was a marketing ploy. But, when I delved deeper this is what I heard. Might be true. The legend goes like this. Newly-wed couples are advised to stay away from each other during Aadi month. This is because if conceived the child will be born around Apr-May which is summer and not the ideal time to have a baby because of the heat. But, with the advent of air con’s, greater medical care and luxury travel I think this is passe. But the retailers of Chennai have hooked on to it. SALE. SALE. SALE. That’s what you see wherever you go.

Radio Mirchi @ Spencers

The most happening place in Chennai – Spencers Plaza.

To me, other than the Derby Showroom and The Food Court, the rest of the Spencers Plaza is just a Window Shopping Mall. (There is one Artificial Flowers Shop in one corner. I would like to revisit it). Inside Spencers one might feel very very artificial. You will find a lot of people who have a confused culture. People who are adaptable to any culture are same as people who follow no culture at all. :) Ready to debate ? We can do that later.

Radio Mirchi was conducting a show in the Third Phase, and that included a lot of freebies. Free Caricatures. Free Tattoos. Free Mehandis. Free Hair Colors and more.


Eunuchs & Chennai

It was 7am today morning and I was on the train towards Chennai Central. The train had just crossed Perambur and already people were taking their bags out and rushing towards the door. I found a place next to the window and was looking at barracks outside. Suddenly, I hear a hoarse voice. 2 women (ahh, no men, ahh neither), actually eunuchs dressed in a silk saree with a layer of talcum powder over their faces came up to me and said “Thambi, nee nalla irukkanum, aadi masam koilukku porom, konjam kasu tha (Brother, you must live happily, we are going to the temple on account of the auspicious month “Aadi”, please give us some money)”.

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