Chennai – where opposites are complimentary!

I had met a very old and dear friend today for lunch. He currently lives in New Jersey and after lunch I was taking him through the city. He was constantly complaining. About how I use the horn so often. About how people keep crossing the road. About how I change lanes all the time. About the sorry state of the Cooum river. The slums and the poverty and so on. Now, this is the same guy who used to live in this great city of Chennai till about 6 years ago.

But, at the same breadth he was all praises about the city’s metamorphosis and the penetration of mobile phones, the quality of education, smiling faces at every strata, fast cars, the MRTS, the anti-AIDS initiative, public health system and Chennai’s place on the Global map.

That’s Chennai for you. It’s where Opposites are complimentary not contradictory. It’s where sheer logic will never be able to conquer love. So, I was reminded of an ad I read, “Here in Chennai (or even India) we don’t ask for the moon, just worship the sun, the mountains the rivers…

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