Annamalayar Chettinadu A/C Restaurant

We were making our way through heavy traffic last Friday down Poonamallee High Road enroute to Yelagiri around mid morning to attend our church youth retreat. It was slow going, with a line of trucks grinding their way determinedly in front of us. By the time we reached the newly completed highway section at Poonamallee, it was twelve thirty and our stomachs were reminding us that all we’d had for breakfast early that morning was a glass of ragi porridge before setting out on various chores before leaving the city. So we decided to stop at the well-known Highway Hotel (pure vegetarian) just beyond Poonamallee and have lunch before getting down to the drive to Yelagiri.

But as we approached the Highway Hotel, we found two signs, both looking very similar. On closer examination, one turned out to be Highway Motel just before Highway Hotel (hadn’t heard of being original I guess!). What was more interesting to us though in our semi-starved state was the sign below informing us that the motel had a non-vegetarian Chettinadu restaurant. Immediately visions of yummy Chettinadu chicken, mutton and what have you danced before our eyes. Mind you, we’re omnivorous and must have veggies with every meal, but this hunger induced yearning to be carnivorous was irresistible. So we swung into the Motel’s gates and parked in the spacious area in front.

The restaurant is off the lobby, is large, spacious, very clean and has courteous and attentive staff. It was only twelve thirty when we arrived, so there weren’t too many others. We chose a table and settled down to order from the extensive menu which even had ‘Forest meats’ like rabbit etc. they also had a Chinese section, though I really can’t figure out why a Chettinadu restaurant feels compelled to offer sweet corn chicken soup, chilli chicken et al. We ordered a Chettinadu meal each along with Mutton Sukka Fry and a Mutton Kidney Roast (I love those terms- ‘Sukka Fry’ and ‘Roast’- you won’t find them anywhere else in the world!). Having ordered, we walked over to the wash area and had a wash- again spacious, clean and nicely done.

The meal was served on banana leaves in the traditional way which made it even better. First the Kootu, then a spinach and dhal dish and a kovaka porial (not the usual potato). Each of them was delicious! Then the rice along with some five different gravies to go with it: fish gravy, mutton gravy, chicken gravy, rasam etc. Then came the Sukka Fry and Kidney Roast, and we commenced to tuck in. I must say the food was very good, non oily and very, very tasty. The service was attentive, with the vegetable dishes being replenished as it vanished off our leaves, as was the rice. It was one of the better Chettinadu meals I’ve had in a long time. We topped it off with, what else, ice cream!

The cost? The meals were Rs 40 each; Mutton Sukka Fry Rs 48; Mutton Kidney Roast Rs 45 and the ice cream Rs 28 each- making a grand total of Rs 229 for two! The ratings would be: d├ęcor and ambience 5; service; 7; food: 9; value for money: 8. In short folks, if you’re heading towards Bangalore, stop by at the Annamalayar Chettinadu A/C Restaurant at the Highway Motel. Whether you’re herbivorous , carnivorous or omnivorous! You couldn’t do better!

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  1. vinod (unregistered) on July 25th, 2006 @ 10:49 pm

    great post… whether i go to bangalore or not, will check the place out very soon…

    i have been to motel highway but haven’t seen this one before…

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